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    Yoyo babyzen 0+ for rent?

    Hi! Do you know anyone or any place where they would rent the yoyo babyzen 0+? We just need the bassinet for the newborns. We have the stroller with the 6+months from our first child. We didnt get the bassinet for newborns back then as there was not so much moving around due to Covid. If you...
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    Boarding or house sitter for dogs

    We are looking for boarding or house sitter for dog near Recoleta. Thanks for getting in touch or sharing recommendations!
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    Amazing nanny and housekeeper, native in Spanish, fluent in French

    Hi Wim, I see the post is a year ago but you seem to have been super happy with her so writing just in case. Let me know if you have the contacts. I am looking also for someone to help with cleaning once or twice a week in case you have old contacts. Thanks, Yllka
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    Hi, We are looking for a nanny/housekeeper. We are in Recoleta, have a two year old. Full time ideal but part time is ok too (from mid-day onwards). Language can be spanish, albanian or english. Any recommendations you may share would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Yllka