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    Hola Y'all

    I am pretty sure The Alamo Bar closed down permanently a while ago! Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    Is the expat party coming to an end?

    I live in Southern California, i own my property, but I do have HOA, property taxes and insurance that I pay yearly. My car is paid off, but I pay insurance on that too. I watch every cent I spend and spend about $2.500 a month.
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    I am so confused! I am traveling to Buenos Aires in 10 days. Let’s see if I have this right…I have a US passport, I have an Argentine DNI (extranjero) so to enter the country I will need a PCR test taken 72 hours before my flight, I need to fill out a Declaración Jurada 48 hours before entering...
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    Small Claims Court

    thanks for the info
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    Small Claims Court

    Is there anything comparable to small claims court in Argentina?
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    Any recommendations on a place in Recoleta with a great Pilates instructor?
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    Daily maid rate per hour

    I agree that the cost of living in California is extremely high. I am presently living in BsAs, but have a place in Thousand Oaks, CA. The girls that clean my house charge me $100, two girls - it takes them about 3 hours. I feel that $45 a hour is extremely expensive even for California.
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    International Flights on May 1st. ?

    Is the strike planned for April 30th or May 1st? I believe I have seen both dates reported.
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    Organic Products

    Any recommendations as to where to buy organic produce, eggs, poultry, grass-fed beef? Has anyone heard of Biomarket on Pueyredon?
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    Leaving apartment in Recoleta and selling all furniture

    Twin Bed by chance? I also need a coffee table.
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    Application Finds Cheap Flights Going Anywhere?

    The site you posted is very cool.
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    Application Finds Cheap Flights Going Anywhere?

    Just putting this out there: I always purchase my airline tixs through - I find prices on this web site are better than any other! Check it out.
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    Domestic Help - En Blanco? En Negro? help

    I was contemplating hiring some help for around the house. Can someone please explain the latest legal requirements on this subject. It seems like the young lady I want to hire wants to be "en negro", not sure why. Any input on this would be much appreciated.
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    Renovating apartment - recommendations for contractor(s)?

    I did the same, hired an architect, he did the plans, hired and supervised all crews, recommended where to shop for tiles, and other materials. He is actually still working on the project. So far so good, he's actually ahead of schedule. If you would like his info I would be happy to share...
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    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    Is there good sushi in BA? Where?
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    Am I just unlucky?

    I have been here almost a month and the first week here I witnessed a "motochorro" mugging. I was walking down Callao, just passed Las Heras and a guy passed me by and mugged a lady walking 3 meters ahead of me. It was scarry and happened in seconds. I dress down (always). In my purse I only...
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    I think I need advice

    Thank you all! It is a difficult situation, but I am up for the fight. Everyone's suggestions will be taken into consideration, and I am forever thankful.
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    I think I need advice

    Thank you all for your replies. I was able to access my father's bank account and change all codes, pin numbers and I was able to stop payments on all existing checks (did this via internet, yay for technology). She is an Austrian citizen, I dont have her DNI, I do have her Austrian passport...
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    I think I need advice

    His partner owns the apt, he lived there for over 5 years (maybe 8+). There is no portero in the building, there are very few apts in the building. I do not want to go with a locksmith, I am scared that she might be inside and call the police and have me arrested and my father is confined to his...
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    I think I need advice

    I am here because my 90 year old father is sick. When I arrived a couple of weeks ago, he was in the hospital and his "pareja" had "disappeared", she had taken his keys where they lived in Caballito and I have not been able to locate her. My father is now with me at an apt that I rented with 24...