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  1. sacoo

    Looking for used suitcase!

    I am looking for a medium-large suitcase for my return to Canada. Does anyone have a used one they want to part with or are looking to sell? Thanks!
  2. sacoo

    Where to get fingerprints done for background check (Canada)

    Thanks! No hay problema con que sea en castellano :) What do you mean by "two forms copied on card stock paper"? Is this something I need to bring?
  3. sacoo

    Where to get fingerprints done for background check (Canada)

    Hi! I need official fingerprints taken to request an RCMP-certified background check for my temp residency application. I'm Canadian so not sure I can go through the US consolute as I see others have done. Does anyone know where I can go to have official fingerprints taken? Thanks!
  4. sacoo

    Looking for help acquiring temp residency as a student at UNA

    I'm looking to register at "La Universidad Nacional de las Artes" and I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this process to acquire temp residency? Specifically, I am looking for help with the process of validating documents and applying for temp residency. – validating secondary education...