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    Mosquito repellent

    I’m coming back from miami on Monday next week. Maybe I bring back 25 cans of OFF and just sell them for a small and reasonable mark up ?! Probably cheap at Walmart !
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    Transfer money from US bank account to BA bank account?

    WU rejected my last two transfers to Banco Santander. So now I’m just paying the $40 usd international transfer fee from Chase and jumping through Santander hoops. Ugh.
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    President Milei flew to Davos on a commercial airline

    I worked for American Airlines 37 years. Typically the airlines all have interline agreements offering discounts for other airlines’ employees. Aerolíneas Argentina is one of the only ones who offers no discounts to other airline employees not in their SkyTeam network. Aerolíneas literally...
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    The Case For President Sergio Massa

    It’s pretty clear to me that the Peronists are just so deeply ingrained in most all forms of business, unions, city government, etc from CABA and beyond. Hard to make inroads there. Milei has to speak clearly and with concrete plans without just screaming about the K factor. Can’t just scare...
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    Argentina: The Country That Monsanto Poisened

    Have not posted in a while or followed much so forgive me if this has been mentioned before. Very interesting report.
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    Bringing Golf Clubs To Arg?

    I brought some down. Customs just looked at them a bit closely to see if they were used. Then, it was fine.
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    Rantings And Ravings.

    I love rants and raves and this thread. Thanks nlaruccia:) I find it refreshing and exhausting in public though. Refreshing in that it gives life to the mundane. Exhausting in that it is energy depleting and non solution oriented. What I find most annoying is just a lack of discretion and not...
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    Will The Shame Never End?

    Sadly, I find that so much of "la viveza criolla" appeals to all of our "darker sides" a bit in our need for some kind vengeance or retaliation in how to "one up" another person for our own advantage. While I have many Argentine friends who would "like" to be ethical and transparent in business...
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    Aa Flights Suspended Between Venezuela And Usa/arg Next?

    I have worked for American Airlines for almost 30 years and have never seen this happen in any market. We just got this internal memo about flights between Venezuela and the USA. Could Cristina do this here out of spite?:) For those who fly to Venezuela. We have been informed by AA management...
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    Fedex Vs Ups Vs Dhl, Recent Experiences With Documents.

    Hi! If anyone really gets in a bind with getting documents or smaller items to the US quickly, I work for the airlines out of Miami and am in BA once a week for a day. I get a 75% discount on Fedex. Sometimes, people give me things in BA to ship out of Miami. I pass the Fedex discount on to...
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    Have been dealing with this country for about 20 years now off and on. The best advice I really ever got was from a very astute and intellectual Argentine psychotherapist here who just said to me two things when I expressed my frustration with this place: 1) This is not a serious country. 1)...
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    World Justice Project--La Nacion--Corruption, Etc

    Very complex subject. Interesting. Nutshell after 15 years of "dealing with these people (Argentines): Few people want to take personal responsibility about much in business, government, relationships, etc. It is usually someone else's fault. Very immature on many levels. A young democracy...
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    South America As Seen By Porteños

    Obviously not politically correct but there are some relative truths here. I am astounded sometimes at some of my Porteno friends who (generally when angry) will say, "Los Negros de mierda". These kinds of things may be THOUGHT in the USA but are generally not actually expressed out loud. But...
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    Mendoza As The Next Napa Valley/bordeaux

    American Develops Resort to Share the Argentina He Loves From today's New York Times. I guess some wealthy investors are not afraid of property laws. Definitely for the "high end" consumer. Good luck with all of that:)...
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    World Justice Project--La Nacion--Corruption, Etc

    For me the credibility of the article really is about the credibility of the World Justice Project----not the US embassy in BA or even the US government. Now if the US government is funding the World Justice Project who did this study, well, that is another matter. Consider the source!
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    World Justice Project--La Nacion--Corruption, Etc
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    World Justice Project--La Nacion--Corruption, Etc

    Just read in La Nacion more sobering statistics from the World Justice Project regarding corruption and impunity in Argentina. Much of this we all know already and while "not new" is still alarming at how low Argentina is on the list of countries with adequate forms of justice. I did take...
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    Where To Get Support For My Macbook Pro?

    Hi Helaine T, I sent you a PM. Maybe I can help you.
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    Ordering A Laptop Battery From Amazon..advisable?

    Artur, I sent you an email in response to your inquiry. Regards!
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    Is President Kirchner Improving The Lives Of Argentinos?

    The sweeping generalities on political and business corruption, etc here do have some merit but get a little tiresome over time. Certainly, I have been broadsided more than a few times by people who want to "one up me" on a few things, but by and large the argentines I deal with in business or...