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    Baby music classes?

    Hi Girls Does anybody know of anything like Baby Mozart or Monkey music here in BA. Or any group entertainment for a 1 year old and mum? Annabel
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    Where to go for Baby swimming?

    Does anybody know where there are swimming baths with a baby pool that I can take our little daughter to? We're in San Telmo and so the closer the better, should there be a few....
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    BBQ this Sunday (9/20)?

    I've only just joined the site tonight David but we'd love to come. Do you mind us bringing our baby daughter? She is not the screaming wailing type but more a professional smiler / waver? Annabel
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    cool girls in san telmo!

    Just posted a message in the newbies section. I've just moved to BA with my family recently and would love to meet any like minded cool girls to share a cuppa with and watch the world go buy from inside of a nice cafe someplace and make me feel a little more at home. I'm in San Telmo so if any...
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    Arrived in San Telmo 2 weeks ago

    Hi, I'm Annabel. Me and my young family arrived in Buenos Aires 2 weeks ago now. We will be staying in San Telmo until Christmas before leaving for Cordoba. A bit about me... I'm 35. A young 35 of course ;-) I was a photographer / interior designer buying and selling property in London, before...