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    Coffee Pods

    In Carrefour you can get re-usable coffee pods that you put your own coffee in. I don't think you would be able to make a latte with these but if you drink black coffee then they could work out cheaper.
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    Show us your money. Renting in BA: what's the go?

    I'd recommend looking on AirBnb. You can get some really good deals on long term stays - we have been here for 4 months and are currently paying 800 US per month. No worries about getting any furniture, setting up internet or bills. Just arrive, stay and go!
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    Extending tourist visa

    Hi, A same day return to Colonia cost us ARS$1900 and was very easy. This is with Buquebus
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    Need some advice on extending a visa please.

    Currency in Colonia - Hi, we will go to Colonia at lunch for several hours and then return to BA. Do we need to exchange currency to Uruguayan Peso or do places accept Argentinian peso? Thanks
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    Need some advice on extending a visa please.

    Thank you both for your help! Perhaps we will go to Colonia for a day as the price is pretty much the same and gives us chance to explore instead of sitting in an immigration office.
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    Need some advice on extending a visa please.

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice on extending my visa for another 90 days. It is my first visit to Argentina, and I am a British citizen. Could someone please let me know the process and cost? I have found a lot of advice online but this is mainly for US citizens. Appreciate any help...