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  1. Flurina

    Room Wanted Second Half Of February

    Two friends of mine will visit BA and are looking for someone with a spare room between February 15 and 26. Anyone?
  2. Flurina

    New Girlfriends :)

    Hello There, I am in for the freddo meeting next tuesday!
  3. Flurina

    Meet-Up This Week?

    The meeting point is Caracas bar at Jorge Luis Borges y Guatemala around 20.30. See you there
  4. Flurina

    Meet-Up This Week?

    so after work this friday in palermo soho? where, when?
  5. Flurina

    Meet-Up This Week?

    friday after-work is ok for me too
  6. Flurina

    Meet-Up This Week?

  7. Flurina

    Girls In Their 30S

    are you up for a mid-week Kaffeklatsch or a Saturday café au lait? a Wednesday or a Saturday?
  8. Flurina

    Girls In Their 30S

    Well, I don't want to exclude the gentlemen of couse. I just think you won't be interested in girl-coffeehouse-chat like where to buy tampons with applicators ;) Girls, I live in the Almagro/Caballito neighbourhood, but I suggest to make our coffeehouse meeting somewhere more central...
  9. Flurina

    Girls In Their 30S

    Hello there! I have been in BA for a few months now and since I teach my language classes in the evening, it is hard to catch up with new people. I am not a party-chick anymore, but in my thirties an love cosy coffehouse get togethers. Who of you girls is up for it??
  10. Flurina

    Hello I Am New

    Hello Becca! I am quite new as well. Let me know if you want to have coffee some time!
  11. Flurina

    New to Buenos Aires

    hello new Buenos Aires - girl. I arrived here in December to do an internship (I am a lawer too... well, there is much of our kind...) in human rights. I can totaly understand how you fell in love with this city for I became a big admirer too the 2 months I have been here. I am always curious...