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    Office Furniture and other items EVEN CHEAPER

    There are still items left in our office to purchase and since there are only 2 more days that you can buy and collect we have slashed the prices. Pretty much everything is $100 (arg)each, desks, leather, chairs, cabinets, plants...... ... We also have 3 x brand new telephones $25, office...
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    Office Furniture for Sale

    Some of the items have now been, here is an updated list: D Link router - brand new in box with reciept. Original Price $279, willing to sell at $200 Printer / Scanner CX4700, 3 months old with 9 ink cartridges - $400 or nearest offer Printer / Scanner CX3500 with 4 ink cartridges - $180...
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    Office Furniture for Sale

    If anybody is interested there is a range of office furniture for sale. Sorry no photos but you are welcome to come and have look and see if you are interested, we are located in Puerto Madero. 5 desks Set of drawers 7 chairs (4 leather) Computer Printer Small cabinet Large...
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    How about doing something outdoors and on weekends

    Hey Joe, this sounds like a brilliant idea. Chris and I had a walk around today, the weather was perfect....unfortunately for us we're stuck right in the middle of BsAs and although there are great parks to walk to, theres always the traffic in the background reminding us that we're not in the...
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    Hey, just wanted to say thanks to Igor for arranging last nights eveing out. We had a great night even though we left after dinner. Made some new friends...hopefully!!! and saw some people who came out last Sat....all in all, well worth it!! Hope to see you all soon!
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    Fantastic Night Out!

    WOW WOW and WOW again.....I can't believe what a fantastic turn out there was last night!! All in all by my reckoning there were about 35 people who came out. To my sincere disappointment I didn't manage to speak to everybody, sorry to you guys....I hope that you can make my next night out...
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    Tonights Big Night Out - Sat 9th Sept!

    Hey Gearjammer...let yourself be known!!....what is your name?
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    Tonights Big Night Out - Sat 9th Sept!

    No tv's showing the match I'm afraid! I'm sure we'll all bethere for a few hours or more maybe....depending on how we all get on!! See you there hopefully and looking forward to meeting you Bill!!
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    Tonights Big Night Out - Sat 9th Sept!

    Well, I can't believe our night out is finally here, it seems like ages ago when I posted it! I am soooooo excited to meet everyone.......if everyone turns up there will be over 40 people there....WOW!! Anyway, final details for you all. Tonight Sat 9th Spet from 9pm, Deep Blue...
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    Interchange english/spanish

    Hey Nadia, I would also be interested in exchanging my english for your spanish!! Why don't you comeout on Saturday night, there will be plenty of English speakers there.....send me an email if you are interested [email protected] Natasha
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    Re: young and punk and poor

    Absolutely, why don't you come to Deep Blue on Sat, as far as I know its happy hour from 8pm till 11pm. You can give them a call if you like to find out the prices etc 4312 3377. I had the same thoughts as you about having a sit down meal when I didn't know anybody, that's why I chose a bar...
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    Hi Matt, So is this welcome home for you? Why don't you join us on saturday night for some drinks? We are going to Deep Blue on Reconquistat 920. There are quite a few people coming. Send me an email if you'd like to join us! Natasha
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    Anbody looking for a serious job?

    If anybody is looking for a part time job, 5 hours a day either 08.30 -13.30 or 13.30 - 18.30 and are happy to be paid a salary and a target related bonus then please send a quick email with an up to date CV to [email protected] for further info. This is a telesales role where you...
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    Londoner new to Bs As

    Hi Omar, I'm organising a night out on 9th Sept for newcomers and old timers. There's about 19 people going already!! Send me an email if you want to join us. [email protected] speak soon Natasha
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    Another Californian on the way to BA

    I've taken the bull by the horns and have started to arrange a few getting to know people drinks for Sat 9th Sept. I'm not sure where yet, but if anybody fancies joining us then please email me on [email protected], there's already 11 of us who have yet to meet!! cheers Natasha
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    Another Californian on the way to BA

    2 newcomers here from England.......looking to meet some new friends too. Let us know when you're next meeting up for a beer or coffee? you can email directly if thats better [email protected]
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    Hi Alan, my boyfriend likes to play golf although he does need some practice. He hasnt had a chance to get on a course yet, so I'm sure he would welcome a game when you are over!
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    Hello there...

    Hi, perhaps we could meet up some time.....I've been here for a month with my boyfriend but havent met any new people yet. I'm 32 and from the UK. What do you enjoy doing etc, perhaps a coffee or glass of wine to introduce ourselves. You can email me directly if you want to have a chat...
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    We're new too!!!

    Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I moved here nearly 4 weeks ago from UK. We're both English and work for the same company over here. There are only 4 of us in the company and having spent every waking moment with my man, it would be great to have some female company.......even if its just to...