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    Fabulous article that details how Argentina went from Being the wealthiest country in world to now

    It always amazes me coming back to this forum how many yanks hate their adopted country just like those of the Argentine right wing do. It begs the question, why don't you all f@ck off back to the land of the free? Ah..yes...your sh!tty social security payments couldn't cover a pot to p!ss in...
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    Vastly amusing hypocrisy

    "the tranny agenda " I've always wondered why the vast majority of this forum stay in Buenos Aires and don't return to Yanquiland and set up shop in Alabama where their 1880 views of the world are still held up.
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    PASO Election Results

    Ah yet again a sheep reading Infobae and taking it as gospel. If you'd taken any time to actually investigate what he'd actually said you'd have known that Infobae, yet again, is talking total BS. Time for me to check out of this Yanqui Macri site, an absolute joke.
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    PASO Election Results

    Fuck off.
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    Covid Vaccination Argentina

    Government - Sets restrictions Opposition: LIBERTAD! LIBERTAD! LIBERTAD! ---- Government -Removes restrictions Opposition - DON'T TAKE OUR MASKS AWAY!!!
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    Obtaining driver's license in CABA

    For anyone that has been stopped by police in the streets while driving, do you know if it is common for them to ask for an international driving permit? I never got one in the EU, I've been stopped by police twice on the roads here and didn't get asked for one, but I did almost have a vacation...
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    When will Argentina be open for tourists to enter?

    Of course it wasn't, and I'm pretty tired of coming on this forum looking for advice and having the usual suspects use every thread to push their politics.
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    PASO Election Results

    "Can I fire this person?" as a starting point for employment is an aspect of the US that I really hope we don't see in Argentina.
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    PASO Election Results

    At the very least they will start with scrapping the "indemnización" for workers so we can get a good round of firings started so Macri and his friends can ship a few more dollars abroad. I can understand criticisms of the government, but Juntos being the solution? Really?
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    PASO Election Results

    What I'd do to be a fly on the wall in the bunker of FdT right now especially with the results in the province of Buenos Aires, to be 5% down on Juntos there is a horrendous result. How Alberto reacts to this (if he can) will be interesting to see.
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    When will Argentina be open for tourists to enter?

    Can you at least keep your anti goverment pro opposition opinions to yourself on threads that request actual assistance?
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    Vidal buys half-million dollar condo in Recoleta's "La Isla" luxury zone.

    Fernando Iglesias Is another Juntos por el Cargo member who miraculously saw his wealth sky rocket during the Macri regime.
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    Government officials warn property crime will increase after the quarantine ends

    *Or anywhere in CABA outside of the Palermo expat zone.
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    Best way to send money to Argentina from UK

    WU seems to follow the CCL rate very closely which is close to the blue (for now). I'm transferring regularly from France and it's 4,99 EUR (roughly 5.15 USD) per transfer, but I know it's much more costly for the US.
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    Best way to send money to Argentina from UK

    Out of interest how much are the fees for sending from the UK?
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    Starting Citizenship Process for Argentina

    One benefit is the MERCOSUR free movement agreement, so if retirement on a Brazilian beach is someone's goal Argentine citizenship would assist greatly.
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    31% of Argentina's young have not completed secondary education

    To be expected when Juntos por el Cargo slash education spending year on year in CABA in order to fund some nice buildings for multi millionaires, combined with Vidal deciding to manage education just as well as health in her time in charge of the province it's a surprise that the numbers aren't...
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    Is Cristina finally making her move?

    I must have forgotten the 18 month worldwide pandemic that Macri's government had to manage that allows for a like for like comparison of debt.
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    Potentially Moving to Argentina

    From what I understand you'll be completely fine with returns from investments, for example many Argentina open an LLC in the US as their salary from this is technically shareholder payouts which do not have to pesified. I'll try to find back a link to the law.