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    health service info

    you dont need to pay 250 pesos, thats ridiculous. OSDE are quite expensive but good because they cover most hospitals in most of Argentina so its worth it...and you can get it less than 200 pesos a month. Still not so cheap, if anyone knows any for cheaper then tell me!
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    Need furnishing for new flat on the cheap!

    Hi all, I will soon be moving into a new flat with my girlfriend here soon. We have to fully furnish it and have some stuff lined up but would like to know where i can get things cheaper, if they had to be 2nd hand that would not be a problem. I see there are times on this site that people...
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    Tennis Clubs B.A??

    Anybody know of any good, reasonably priced Tennis Clubs in or around B.A.? Preferably one with indoor courts aswell so I´ll be more encouraged to continue through the winter. Thanks.
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    Microsoft Project training wanted- Will Pay

    we want training to be at an advanced level in Microsoft Project pretty much the whole caboodle...we wouldnt be worried about a few bits n bobs missing here n there though. We´re ideally looking for someone who´s Microsoft ceritified (new news to me) but if anyone feels they´re up to...
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    Microsoft Project training wanted- Will Pay

    Hi all, I work in a small office in Downtown with 5 others from either the US, Canada or in my case England. We are in need of advanced training for Microsoft Project 2007 and are asking for anyone with sufficient knowledge of the programme to help us out. Don´t worry as we are very...
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    TV for sale

    Hey Claire, Moving into a flat with my girlfriend soon, might e interested in the tele so is it still for sale? Cheers, Dave