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    How much more are you paying for your health (prepaga) insurance?

    Swiss Medical gang. I'm a single male in my 40s. Six months ago my bill was 52k, and this month it's 160k, for an increase of over 300% in that period of time. Adjusting for inflation by looking at the equivalent price in dollars at the blue rate at the time of each bill, the increase works out...
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    Concern about current bank account when unifying DNI & CUIL

    Has anyone gotten a bank account with the CUIL they got with the precaria, and later unified the DNI & CUIL when the DNI was issued? Were there any issues, and did you update your info with the bank? I'm concerned there may be some issue with the bank account. Before I subject myself to bank...
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    Here, new Hello I'm

    Hey everybody, I moved here in March of 2022 and I recently found these forums. I'm a middle-aged gil originally from Michigan in the U.S. I'm working remotely and living in CABA. I've got temporary residency and I'm planning to stay and get permanent residency eventually. I'm here to take...