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    Keep the presses rolling...

    Roca was perhaps the best argentine president ever. He was no more a genocide than any other XIX century and some XX centrury argentine presidents (including Peron). In fact he was anything but the brute killer he is portrait to be by the left, he was an extremely rational man. The only...
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    What are the major liberal and conservative papers in Bs. As.?

    Verbitsky it´s the main propagandist of that newspaper. He hasn´t done any journalist investigation since the Ks took over. His job is to point, through his articles, who should the K militant attack this week. I´ll grant you the cultural pages are above average :P Clarin also hasn´t done any...
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    What are the major liberal and conservative papers in Bs. As.?

    La Nación: I guess you would call it conservative. It´s the oldest national newspaper and the only one with a (somewhat) clear editorial line. It´s usully pro free markets, agains government intervention, etc. Clarín: The biggest. It is generally slightly left leaning, although it´s more based...
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    Racism in BA, am I alone?

    Sorry this just reminds me... :D As far as mistaken nationalities, I dont really understand why people get so upset about it. I lived in europe, and to my (not really so great) surprise, most people didnt know a lot about argentina, in fact they knew...
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    New Terrorism Law - could you really get arrested for protesting?

    No, this is nothing like anything the US has. Sure, blocking a street during a protest can be considered a crime both in the US and in Argentina, and the state can prosecute the protestors. But this new law allows the government to charge the protestors not only for blocking the street (which is...
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    Gendarmeria in Clarin/Cablevision

    Just to let you guys know, one of the most ironic things about the hole Clarin/Cablevision deal is that it was the very Néstor Kirchner that signed the decree that allowed the fusion of Cablevision / Multicanal, which is now being denounced as a monopoly :D It was in fact one of the last...
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    Chest x-ray required when starting employment

    It´s required by law. It´s not the company´s choice. When you start a job you get an accident insurance (ART "aseguradora de riesgos de trabajo" ), also required by law. If you don´t get the full medical exam, in case of an accident or whatever the ART can make the company pay for the medical...
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    Sit Tight...Your Dollar is About To Go ALOT Further!

    With the small detail of argentinians being even poorer....
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    Occupy Wallstreet... and Bs As?

    Ive been reading some of the comments here and I have a particular different perspective than most of you. I read some post saying that traditional politics and parties dont work anymore, that a "new system" should emerge and that this protests could be the first step towards something new...
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    Argentines are wimps when it comes to weather

    I agree that we can be quite dramatic about weather. But I find very funny that a lot of foreigners from colder countries go nuts about the sun. Like today we had lovely weather, but i wouldnt stand in the sun so that i start to sweat a little, that would have been a bit unconfortable. But many...
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    Racism in BA, am I alone?

    I dont deny there is a lot of racism in Argentina. But often over sensitive foreigners tend to bring up the "race" issue all to quickly, when its just cultural misunderstanding. For example in this comment: Shop assistants are known for being agressive in Argentina, not just with you, with...
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    Standstill due to the elections?

    Like John said, "labes" or categories are there for a reason. We can argue if an element belongs to a category or another, but to refuse to use them because they are "generalizations" is ridiculous. Generalizations help us make sense of the complexity of the world. In fact, like you said, even...
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    Standstill due to the elections?

    Yes well, i not going to name one by one every country im referring to.
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    Standstill due to the elections?

    My scale goes like this (i didnt invent it, its very common): Developed countries: High standards of living, solid economies, stable government, etc. Developing countries: Mid income countries, riskier and less stable economies and governments. Underdeveloped countries: Low income countries...
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    Standstill due to the elections?

    One of the major differences between developed and developing countries is the impact that politics has in the everyday life of its citizens. Here your hole life can change from one day to the next because of some new policy or decision. So yes, whenever we are close to an important election...
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    Discrimination at Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango

    Next, an amparo so that tourists can vote!
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    How much is an Argentine University education worth.

    The UBA is indeed free for locals and international students. That is for undergraduate studies. Graduate programs are paid (for local and internationals), well some of them i believe. I studied at the UBA and had plenty of classmates from other countries in LA. I also had classmates form the...
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    Blackberry Tax?????

    Yes, take the phones out of the box and if they ask, they are yours. Last month i brought 2 high end smartphones fron europe and i had no problems. Same with laptops and other objects for "personal use", thats why is important to take them out of the box.
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    REAL Volunteering

    anyway, for many volunteering opportunities check out
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    Argentina history books?

    For novelized history and somewhat partisan authors, anything from Felipe Pigna, Pacho O´donnel or Ignacio García Hamilton. I dont particularly like this authors very much. They are more like lawyers of history rather than historians (in they way they only gather evidence to support their...