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    Moving And Selling Stuff

    Just wanted to let everyone know I put a post in the classified section for my moving sale. Great furniture and goods at reasonable prices! Thanks for looking!
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    Working Remote In Argentina. Tax Implications?

    why would you want to buy a car if you're only here 6 months / year. you gotta work this system in the way that makes it easiest for you, not complicate. Follow the KISS rule, always! :D
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    Working Remote In Argentina. Tax Implications?

    OK so the tax treaty as I understand it means you have to pay taxes to Argentina on money you earn outside of the country. But that only applies if you are in Argentina more than 6 months / calendar year. Not sure how it would work to claim it back; sorry I can't offer more help.
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    Working Remote In Argentina. Tax Implications?

    I think it's only 30% withholding if you're a technical employee (W2 instead of 1099) so then there would be no getting the 15% diff back. Besides the physical presence test that waves you of having to declare, there are a few other things, you'll have to read up on it online. My only way to get...
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    Working Remote In Argentina. Tax Implications?

    I didn't mean 6 months at a time, I meant 6 months in 1 calendar year. A lot of Argies who live bi-continentally (say they have assets in other countries) just spend less than 6 months / calendar year here and never have to worry about filing anything with AFIP, nor worry that AFIP will come...
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    Working Remote In Argentina. Tax Implications?

    If you are an Argy citizen, you will be liable to pay taxes if you are here for more than 6 months in 1 year. So just stay for 6months minus 1 day and you won't need to declare anything to AFIP. I would say don't worry about it cuz for most of us there is no way /reason for AFIP to track us...
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    Blue Rate Exchange - Las Canitas

    luis maria campos 1169 (I think). cross street federico lacroze, sign says COMPRO ORO and there's a cop outside. rate is usually venta minus 50 cents ("minorista")
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    Rent Contract Rescission - Is A Penalty Always Included?

    I was under the impression that after 1 year, you get to leave without penalty as long as the notice is 90 days.
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    Crossing Border At Colón / Paysandu - Tips Please.

    Anyone done this? We've never been to Colón but heard it's nice. I also noticed that there's a convenient border crossing right there so I can get a new stamp. - Where to stay in Colón? - Is there any way to cross the border easily without driving? Bf's work car cannot go abroad but at least...
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    General Advice Solicitation For A First-Timer

    If you aren't planning to travel outside the country much, just overstay and pay the fine. No biggie the first and second times.
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    An Infamous Ba Expat Walks Out On His Hotel Bill

    Oh Joe how I've missed you. You make the forum worth reading.
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    Flagged By Immigration, Now What?

    Oh man, you two sure are entertaining!!
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    New Express Bus To Aeroparque Airport Only $30.00 Pesos

    just saw this about free transfer from Aeroparque to Ezeiza - but only for Aerolineas Argentinas customers!! What a sham!
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    New Express Bus To Aeroparque Airport Only $30.00 Pesos

    I had heard that you can catch one from AEP to Ezeiza but I don't know for sure.
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    Moving From Los Angeles

    After three months you will love it... give it three years and you'll understand the poor hormonal saps!! The sooner you leave after arriving, the sooner you'll want to come back. That seems to be how it works for most.
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    Moving From Los Angeles

    Are you talking about us, or the locals?
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    What Is In Demand These Days?

    :P :D
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    I think that if I had left after 2 years in BA, I would have been dying to come back for 6 months/year at least. Now that I've been in BA for 4 years, my honeymoon is long past it's expiry date and I want to run for the hills. Just sayin'
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    Homemade Pasta...

    SOOOOO different. I have made it and my boyfriend goes crazy making it with his Pasta Linda. It's time consuming but way better and you can customize it in all sorts of ways (spinach? beets? cheese? other herbs/flavorings?) And can make it with different kinds of flours, etc.
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    Ah So This Is How You Use A Zebra Crossing Here.

    if you've ever been to Saigon, this really doesn't seem that crazy.