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  1. Stafford

    Tourist visa extension denied

    Thank you Bajo_cero2 I knew you’d have the answers. Aligned with what I thought - likely reinforced from having read your comments in the past. In my case I never renewed my tourist visa at DNM. The subject came up when my precaria was expiring or while I was still waiting for a precaria. Don’t...
  2. Stafford

    Tourist visa extension denied

    This story aligns with my understanding that you can only renew your visa through migraciones once a year. Before I had a DNI, I was told this as well by Migraciones. My understanding is that overstaying and paying the fee upon exit at Ezeiza is not technically breaking a law, it is just making...
  3. Stafford

    WiFi repeater needed

    We have a TP Link Deco system in our house and it works great. Looks like it's around 90K at the moment on Mercado Libre
  4. Stafford

    Daily maid rate per hour

    I’ve found it to be fairly in line with other expenses. A true measure would be a basket of goods. But mine is a basket of beef. 🤪 In all seriousness, yes, prices are about double in USD terms compared to where they were a few months ago. I’m of the school that everything was artificially low...
  5. Stafford

    Daily maid rate per hour

    I have a different perspective on this. In my opinion housekeeping work is an extremely valuable benefit that brings calmness and order not only to my house, but also to the quality of life of those of us living in it. Aside from treating her with respect, I have always believed in erring on the...
  6. Stafford

    Volunteering in Buenos Aires

    Has anyone had experience with their Recorridas Nocturnas? Curious to hear what to expect. Thanks!
  7. Stafford

    Taxi With A Fast Meter

    It’s so much fun to call them out when this happens. I do it in sort of casual way, asking “So I’m just curious. Do you have to press the little button every time to hike the fare or does it happen automatically?” “What are you taking about?” “Your piripipi. Is it set to tick every 100 meters...
  8. Stafford

    Is Argentina Still a Good Deal?

    Retirement generally equals fixed income. You need a place with relative predictability. There have been bubble periods in Argentina when the country was a good deal in dollar terms. However there have been plenty of times in the last couple of decades (including today) when it hasn’t been so...
  9. Stafford

    Surcharge for using a foreign card at a restaurant

    I can second that!! Excellent
  10. Stafford

    Surcharge for using a foreign card at a restaurant

    No doubt he’s a nice guy. Also friends of friends of ours. My question is whether this is particular to the location or if this surcharge is a trend that’s developing. Haven’t seen it at any restaurants and I imagine they are charged the same fees by the CC companies.
  11. Stafford

    Surcharge for using a foreign card at a restaurant

    So this afternoon we had some bagels at a really great US owned spot in Palermo called Sheikob's Bagels. Everything was seemingly awesome but when I went to pay, the cashier told me the restaurant charges a 10% surcharge for using foreign credit cards. I eat out a lot (but not usually at...
  12. Stafford

    Private Spanish Tutor for basic Spanish next week?

    Does it come with Star+ or is that a separate package? In all seriousness, sounds a bit overblown just for Spanish lessons.
  13. Stafford

    Private Spanish Tutor for basic Spanish next week?

    Fernando Romero is an experienced native Argentine Spanish teacher with many long standing clients. He’s based in Palermo for the next several months. Learn more about him here
  14. Stafford

    Is the expat party coming to an end?

    This. Thank you.
  15. Stafford

    Obra Social - Preexisting Conditions

    Entirely depends on the severity of your preexisting condition and whether it’s necessary to mention it right away. e.g. If you have cancer and you need to continue your chemotherapy, you need to mention that. If you’re prone to occasional migraines or anxiety attacks, my unofficial advice is to...
  16. Stafford

    Argentina Passport - Freedom of Movement Duration in Latin America

    Argentina is also keeping an eye out for people who are coming here just to get a passport. See other threads related to Russians.
  17. Stafford

    Hotels charging MEP rate for cash payments since Friday

    As a resident using an international card, you should okay if you show your passport and not your DNI. Depends how strictly it’s enforced (eg will they want to see proof you’ve been in the country for less then 90 days or will they take your word for it)
  18. Stafford

    Airport Lounge at AEP Newberry

    At EZE, you’re good however access to the AMEX Platinum lounge at AEP is only possible if your card was issued in Argentina. You will not be allowed in with an internationally issued card. May have since changed, but I attempted twice (June 2022 and April 2023). The lounge next to it does not...
  19. Stafford

    Spanish tutor/class, focused on speaking

    Hola Julia! My husband Fernando is a Spanish tutor with tons of experience. He can do lessons in person in Buenos Aires or over Zoom. I’ll send you his WhatsApp in a PM
  20. Stafford

    Looking for an Tour Guide (English Speaking)

    Mariano — +54 9 11 2319-2563 He’s licensed by the city of Buenos Aires. He works for an agency that’s currently listed #1 on TripAdvisor. Here’s the review I left for them after they organized a private tour for visiting family last month: Carla did a fabulous job organizing the details and...