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    Job Opportunity - International Business Developer

    My company is currently hiring! We are looking for a native level english speaking international business developer, below you will find the job description, if this is of interest and you feel that you qualify please email me directly with a copy of your CV at [email protected]...
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    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    Hi everyone, At risk of being repetitive but I couldn't find a definitive answer regarding transferring funds to a foreign account from Argentina. I will be working in Argentina and will have a visa and receive my salary into my ARG bank account however I have credit cards with my bank in...
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    Work advice and temp residency moving to BA in November

    Thanks for your response, I am aware the salaries are considerably low compared to what I would be accustomed to however all of the information I found online is pretty outdated, are you able to elaborate at all? I am planning on bringing substantial savings to hopefully cover at least my first...
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    Work advice and temp residency moving to BA in November

    Hi all! I am moving to BA in November and I was wanting to obtain some advice in regards to the current work situation and obtaining a temp residency visa for work purposes. I am moving to be with my partner who currently holds a temp residency visa, is it easy enough for him to extend the visa...