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    Argentina Will Make Chinese Planes

    As a professional pilot, lived in Argentina and currently living in China I would NEVER fly a Chinese made plane. I can also say all the pilots I know would never fly any a Chinese made airplane. They are so messed up over here. Sure individuls can be brilliant anywhere.... But I think the odds...
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    Shipping a box to the USA

    Let us know what you find out as far as prices and such!
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    Doctor or Person to administer Flu Vaccine

    You can buy the vaccine at the pharmacy and they have several cards of enfermeros that will come inject you. They charge 15pesos and it takes about 3 minutes door to door. Incredibly fast.
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    Are there any (or ever) cheap flight to NZ from BA

    I would be interested in the other option! Any more details?
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    Private Pilot Licensing/Lessons

    My girlfriend's abuelo told me he did some civil flying... about a hundred hours, down in bahia blanca. I know that he speaks ZERO english, so obviously the controllers speak spanish and english on the radio which can be dangerous because you don't know what they are saying are what the...
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    Superclasico: Boca vs. River

    I heard tickets are going for over a 100 dollars... I have been to the platea a few times... I would like to try the popular, but probably not at the superclasico.
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    Chili Powder

    I don't know exactly what you are looking for but there is a shop on my street. Bulnes 1900 block on the even side, about a block from the subte. All they have are raw spices. I browsed through there about a month ago and they had A LOT of spices. I would guess they have what you need.
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    Where to buy beard trimmer / hair clippers?

    I have seen them at DISCO.
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    Where to donate clothes/shoes

    I know L.I.F.E. would probably take them. pena(with a till) 2121 in recoletta. Where abouts are you? I could possibly pick them up for you. (I am a volunteer)
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    Info for U.S. Citizens

    I just don't see it... It's 20 of the new style pages just taped into the middle. Basically looks like packaging tape. And it's not even square, kinda close, but come on, I could have done a better job.
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    Info for U.S. Citizens

    Yeah.. I had some pages added in Costa Rica. Free and about 20 minutes. If you're going to throw out random numbers you should cite your sources.
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    How silly some expats can be

    Well David... I would say your pronunciation key is a bit off. Argentines don't use the Z sound as in english. Just ask them to say zoo or zebra and you will end up with sewwe and seebra.
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    How much to survive 3 months?

    30 a day? 1400/28(days in February) = 50/day
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    How much to survive 3 months?

    Well I have been here a month... Not including what I paid for some spanish classes and what I have paid to volunteer, I have spent about 1400 pesos... That's all food, taxis, public transport and going out twice a week.I do have to say that I am not a big drinker, at all. Also... I don't have...
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    Golf partners

    and voila! What are you doing sunday?
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    Golf partners

    I have clubs as well... i would like to get out there.
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    Need shipping advice

    As I have said before I am back and forth... We could work something out... Ok now all the conspiracy theorist GO. Tell me it might have drugs in it and that what I would be doing is illegal... blah blah blah. Shut up.
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    Hey Junkie I went to the Boca Tucuman game and sat in the platea. I went the morning of and bought the tickets for 70pesos each. I would love to go to the boca river game but i don't know if i want to spend a hundred or two per ticket... My question is... I would really like to go to the boca...
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    Next Buenos Aires Hash Run Sunday 14th Feb

    Bocas game! Maybe next time!
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    Well bradly it isn´t like i am locked in or anything... let me know what you think is the best way to help out? I am very intersted!