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  1. BAJoe

    Selling Something Without Getting Cheated

    If you're willing to go to an exchange (casa de cambio) place, you can also do the money interchange at your bank. (edit: ANY bank really) Supposing you have an account here, you have 2 options: 1: have them transfer from their bank to yours. One of the best measures taken by this goverment...
  2. BAJoe

    How would I live in BA on 18,000 Pesos/month

    Most Americans are plain scared of inflation, but you have to realize that Argentina and many other countries live with inflation ALWAYS and still get by. It`s simple: as prices go up, so will your salary,... eventually. The difference is prices rise gradually all year round, while your pay will...
  3. BAJoe

    house sitter for Pto Madero, San Telmo: NO CHARGE!!

    I live in Zona Norte, but will be working on a project in La Plata for a couple of months, so in order to shave 2 hours off my daily drive, I can house/apartment-sit (and pet-sit!), for anyone travelling and leaving their place in Pto MAdero or San Telmo, [or LA PLATA] No charge!!! I'm US born...
  4. BAJoe

    Tips for moving BA to US

    I`m American born, but have lived in BA for most my life. (no visa problems) Seeking tips for relocating back to my country, though I feel more like an alien, since I have no friends or family in Florida where I want to reside. (winters just too cold and humid for me here!!) Any opinions on...
  5. BAJoe

    Want to meet up this week?

    We are meeting this afternoon in San Telmo to watch Spain v Germany!! At Northside bar, Bolivar 479, corner of Venezuela, only 5 blocks from the Casa Rosada. (Subte A). Come and join us!!! I post same info for the finals over the weekend, when we decide the new venue!!! Cheers
  6. BAJoe

    Average cost for dinner

    Many restaurants and most all-you-can-eat chains, offer a free meal for the birthday "boy" or "girl". You should inquire just to be sure. The person needs to take some form of photo ID. They even bring out a small cake, candle, and maybe even sidra on the house. And they could even play or sing...
  7. BAJoe


    Hola Danielle, Bienvenida! I'm also American-Argentine, but moved here as a kid, and travel often to the States to visit family and friends there. I can give you all the pointers you may want so you don't make the same mistakes I made while adapting here. Bueno, cualquier cosa te paso mi...
  8. BAJoe

    Easter Bunny in BA?????

    I think someone mentioned once here on this web site (you can do a search) that the (mostly American) Methodist Church in Acassuso, does an egg hunt on Easter Sunday. It's a real nice Church, with a great garden surrounding it, only 2 blocks from the Acassuso station. (1/2 hour ride from...
  9. BAJoe

    Punta del Este on BBC travel show

    If you have DirecTV, or cable with Telecentro, you can see it on the BBCWorld channel. On Multicanal and Cablevision you can only see it through the digital cable box. This box has many more channels than the basic service. It's well worth the extra 15 pesos per month.
  10. BAJoe

    Meet up tonight @ 8:30

    OK.. I'm coming!! Arriving 8:30 to 9-ish. How can we recognize you? Joe
  11. BAJoe

    Punta del Este on BBC travel show

    Punta del Este will be featured on the BBC travel show Fast Track this Easter Weekend. Times for Argentina as shown on their schedule are: Fri April 2 19:30 Sat April 3 9:30am 15:30 Sun April 4 3:30am I caught the end of a preview. They interview Argentine tourists about their passion for...
  12. BAJoe


    Asking why Argies say "che" is like asking why English speakers say "hey". Exact same meaning and usage. There could be a confussion with "chau" which definitely is a cloning of the Italian "ciao", with similar usage also.
  13. BAJoe

    March 24th: Peru Deli Dinner!

    I'm siging up for 4 more people. By the looks of it, this should not be a problem, but I will confirm on the other link. See you tomorrow!
  14. BAJoe

    Looking for english conversation groups

    Tonight and tomorrow, (every Mon and Tues, 7-9pm) we meet at the Club Europeo, in English practice groups.
  15. BAJoe

    20" Imac on the plane

    Correct.!! If nobody checks your luggage here in BA (green light), then no problem anyway. But if they stop you, just produce the document, and they've got no legal recourse to dispute your claim that you will be taking it back with you. It's a win-win. Make sure you have enough time to locate...
  16. BAJoe

    20" Imac on the plane

    Anatolie, can't you see my post? I just gave you the solution. DECLARE IT AT CUSTOMS, in London airport! That's what the customs officers are there for. Case closed!!
  17. BAJoe

    20" Imac on the plane

    If you declare it at the customs office of the airport you leave from, you will get a document which you can show the local "aduana" here upon arrival. Just by declaring all your valuables, you will eliminate any and all problems. This declaration serves the purpose of being able to take...
  18. BAJoe

    Expats meet up this Friday night

    There’s a great Boat Party this Friday night, in Puerto Madero!! Many of us expats will be going.
  19. BAJoe

    Fun, happy, very attractive woman over 40 wants to meet other expats and single guys.

    Hi Christy. Welcome to BA! Are you refering to the re-pat gathering tonite at the Millon Bar on Parana 1048? There will be many locals who were living abroad and recently returned, and many expats, so you can meet people from both extremes. It starts at 7pm, and runs thru midnite. Ask for...
  20. BAJoe

    March 24th: Peru Deli Dinner!

    For everyone to know: the 24th is a Wednesday and it's a holiday, so you should not have any problem finding time to come. Food is great! I've tried it already. Please RSVP for me and 1 more person, 2 in total. Regards, Joe