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    Stimulus check

    Has the check arrived for you yet?? what other work did you do to get it? or what are you doing now to obtain it? thank you Walt
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    Dollar Up

    1 USD =20.1450ARS US Dollar1 USD = 20.1450 ARS ↔ Argentine Peso1 ARS = 0.0496401 USD March 28, 2018
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    Dollar Up

    and the rise continues .. making it more difficult to live in BA .. yet expats and citizens all pay the same rate .. thus no free lunch for the expats any more .. same rate applies to everyone.. sounds more fair .... and here is today's exchange rate. 1 USD =20.1424ARS US Dollar1 USD = 20.1424...
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    Moving US $ out to anywhere.

    Why not just do a wire transfer from your bank there to a bank in the country of your choice... there is only a need to be under the 10k amount if you are taking the money in cash and carrying it on your person to enter into the USA ... if over the 10k amount then you need to declare it on entry...
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    Dollar Up

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    Dollar Up

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    (Automatic) Arrest Without Legal Order At Immigration

    Dr. Rubilar was extremely helpful to me several years ago -- I support his efforts as he works for the good of the people. I know my situation was a simple matter but I have heard of many other individuals with many more complicated situations. I would say he is a man to trust. He works for...
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    Argentina The Next Lithium Superpower?

    it was interesting to watch.. good points taken... think the 12 minutes could have been boiled down to half the time but the man wanted his comments to strike home. thanks for sharing it with all of us.. hope Argentines including expats listen to it.
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    Whats Up With Mercadolibre These Days?

    Jack from Alibaba has been in Buenos Aires... talking to people.. might have an interest in purchasing Mercado Libre... so I guess the Chinese will be camping out down there and not Amazon..MELI might be worth about 35% more if such news were to be posted..... happy investing !! Mercadolibre...
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    We're Hiring! Remote Sales & Account Management Positions

    Steve does the answer to the question really change something in your life... why push for items of little value to you back off and let lives live on their own. Walt
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    Starting A Business In Ba And Permanently Moving There

    Romania is a wonderful country. I have been there a few times... and as recently as a few months ago ... I returned to many of the same places as previously so I could show a friend these locations. I drove throughout the country. I spent some time In Iasi, Romania. I have developed some...
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    Monger - Sex Tourism In Argentina Documentary Premiere

    It is interesting how so many people on this particular post .. and perhaps others here on this site... love to spout off yet why is it they cannot post their picture next to their name? Hide in the darkness ... yet still speak... What is the opinion of others on this site about said folks?
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    American Pigs Welcome!

    Nothing like not being able to purchase local meat... Seems there are enough Pigs in the local Government today ... a few more need to be slaughtered...
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    Immigration For Dummies

    Tom and Nancy I do not know the situation in your new country of Argentina but certainly in your home country of the United States of America many people are coming to the USA to obtain citizenship .. many are from Argentina... the requirements keep changing however one recent rule was to...
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    18 Y/o Girl Coming Alone To Ba, I Have Some Questions/fears

    I travel more than six months per year every year around the world... yes it is nice for a young lady to write this forum however if you are a traveler you figure out these things like I did from age 18 without computer access... I see no reason for her to look for all these answers as I feel...
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    Expat Atm/foreign Transaction Fees In Argentina

    I have used Schwab for a number of years... I never went back to see if the ATM fee they refunded was not at the rate it should have been..I use Schwab around the world.
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    Owner Selling Apt While I'm Renting

    Simple solution... change - the locks.. put in really complicated ones... put in an alarm system ..which will notify you of any tampering.. also cameras today you can see when anyone has been there and see their pictures
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    Where In Argentina Can You Rent For $400/mo

    and to boot have to pay expenses of another few hundred on top of that 1500 figure too....
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    Where In Argentina Can You Rent For $400/mo

    well I am paying like $1500 a month for a nice place... I can just imagine what you would get for $300 ... wow!!
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    Tipping The Delivery Guy - What Is A Good Amount?

    10% is reasonable....seems some here came to cheap Argentina which is no longer so cheap.. perhaps you will be heading back home again. the cheap ones here have yet to post their picture... a rule should be to post pictures of the people replying or posting here