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    Poco Espanol

    What's up with your tone? I asked you a question, and really you didn't answer it.
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    Does anyone want to join me for brunch on Sunday?

    Can't join you, but Olsen is just delicious. Scandanavian vibe. We went there with a big group after getting married down the street. Great service, lots of natural light.
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    Poco Espanol

    Elpanada, What line of thinking are you referring to? I didn't understand your last comment.
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    Poco Espanol

    How would you know?
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    Foreigners with property in BA

    Sergio, Yes, actually my ex-roommate bought her garantia and she was American. She didn't know the guy at all. They had a brief meet up before turning in the garantia where she paid him and they sorted out the details of their story- how they met, etc. Anyway, we lived in a beautiful, huge...
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    Foreigners with property in BA

    There also exists the option of buying a co-signer, or as we're referring to it- a guarantor/garantia. These garantias are sold out of some real estate agencies/ rental agents offices. Here in Buenos Aires, you need a co-signer for most apartment leases. Sometimes it just doesn't matter that you...
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    Hair salon

    Gringa, Look on the left side of the computer screen and click on ALL FORUMS. Then go down to WOMENS FORUM. There was an extensive chat awhile ago about hair salons. Check it out. I wish I could suggest a good place to go, but the truth is that I, too, am in constant search of a good peluqueria.
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    How much do you pay for health insurance

    $120 pesos/month. Hospital Britanico plan 150C.
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    Nightclub for people around 40

    Take a trip to the ladies restroom after midnight.
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    Foreigners with property in BA

    My husband and I bought a property here about a year ago. The place was a dump, tipo PH when we got it. We did a total rennovation with an architect friend of ours and the final result is absolutely gorgeous. You can't believe that it's the same place. We've broken just about even with the...
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    Nightclub for people around 40

    Las Canitas in Palermo, Kilkenny, Shamrock, Alamo, Hard rock cafe, Portzuelo, or Gibraltar Kilkenny has lots of "working ladies" that work out of the bar due to the large number of foreign men that go there and in my opinion the Shamrock is pretty dark with an established drug scene. I...
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    TGI Friday's in BA - yay or nay?

    I've been once and have no plans to make it twice.
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    How much does protest or riot in BA affect your daily life?

    Anything that happens protest wise in the city center means pissed off drivers and lots of traffic on my street because the main streets are closed. It means obnoxious honking and lots of "hijo de @#$%!". It basically means that walking my dog during these chaotic times is a total quilombo.
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    New to Expats

    Katie, Two years ago I did the same thing that you're planning to do-- moved down to Buenos Aires, got my TEFL certificate and started teaching English. I will give you my honest opinion- teaching English is not that great for a couple of reasons: 1. Classes are often cancelled due to poor...
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    Buying Leather

    My husband suggests that you go to the Chacarita neighborhood on "Murillo"'s in the 600 block more or less. They've got a lot of leather products.
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    Chai Tea

    I'd love to drink some chai tea. Is it sold anywhere in Capital Federal?
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    Looking for Call Center Mgm Position

    Whatever you do, do not work for a call center called CAT Technologies aka Lekryzon SA (located on Maipu). They still owe me over $1,000 pesos that I earned from last year. They wrote me 3 bad checks, are total liars, and have major financial problems.
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    Selling English Books

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    Know a wedding planner?

    I just got married in Buenos Aires this past January and we didn't use a wedding planner. In my opinion, it's not necessary....even if you're up in NYC. If you get the caterer down, they usually have connections for photographers, cake people, flowers, dj, etc. And sometimes these services are...