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    Free things to see and do in Buenos Aires

    seems to be a problem with the site - possibly maintenance
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    Credit Card companies closing unused Accounts

    Many people keep credit cards but never use them - Don't assume that credit card you have for an emergency will work -> Article Here <-
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    Coin shortage in Argentina - WSJ Article

    Coin shortage in Argentina is something we all live with but why? Paddy in BA
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    South American Car Rental?

    Don't bring a rental car across the border - just not worth the risk and expense
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    found bank with big withdrawals

    The concept of being charged to take MY money out of MY account infuriates me I have a UK and a US atm card. Nationwide = UK charges no per withdrawl fee and gives a fair FX rate Chase Bank = US charges u$d3 per withdrawl fee and gives a lousy FX rate With the UK card I can withdraw my daily...
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    Argentine women

    Spot on with my observations - I'm happily married to a beautiful porteno but I have traveled the length and breadth of this great country and the women in Cordoba are without question the most attractive. Great curves and darker complexion. If only all porteno ladies looked like -> this <- ;)...
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    Tourist visa renewal and renewal and renewal....

    Yes - I crossed up there and it was 1 guy in a little hut - no lines - no forms - no charge - no hassle
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    Even with the cost of health insurance for over 66's I believe cost of living here can be considerably cheaper than the US. It depends on how you are living. If you are 66+ you're probably not buying a lot of clothes - those can be expensive here. You can buy an apartment in non touristy area...
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    What's the secret to happiness in Buenos Aires?

    Not legal but there is an old army base called Cristiania which is an island in the center of the city that was taken over by hippies in the seventies. They set up a commune and it's still there today. Hash is sold pretty openly but they have their own law and anyone found selling 'hard' drugs...
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    What's the secret to happiness in Buenos Aires?

    Coincidentally enough (as the person who started this thread) - I spent a few summers working in Copenhagen way back. Sure the tax was high but.. Free Medical Free Dental Free Education Blonde blue eyed beauties I think the Danes are pretty damn happy alright!
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    retirement salary

    At the current rate of inflation (30%) you'll be safe for 20 years - need a beer buddy?
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    BA Bloggers

    Add a Paddy
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    What's the secret to happiness in Buenos Aires?

    @ All - thanks for the comments - obviously both scenarios are extreme to make a point. What I'm asking you do to is question your own value system on what does bring happiness? @ diosaarenosa: - Thanks - I left for the same reason @ RWS - thanks for removing the Yank brand - Tis true to be...
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    What's the secret to happiness in Buenos Aires?

    So I've been asking myself this question a lot recently. The wiki definition for the 'Standard of Living' is the quality and quantity of goods and services available to people, and the way these goods and services are distributed within a population. The wiki definition for 'Quality of life'...
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    Cost of Living in Buenos Aires

    Cost of Living in Buenos Aires People are always asking me "What's the cost of living over there?" - The answer depends on whether you're living 'La Vida Loca' expat life or trying to blend in as a local or something in between. This is what I'm paying these days...
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    Noche de los Museos (Night of the Museums)

    Thanks Napoleon - that's good advice!
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    Noche de los Museos (Night of the Museums)

    National Geographic Article about next weeks Noche de los Museos (Night of the Museums) - click here Should be a lot of fun!
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    Any irish around?

    ...and I thought I was the only Paddy in the Village
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    Travel Trip Reports

    I've traveled extensively in Argentina and Central America You can find info and tips here
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    Free things to see and do in Buenos Aires

    National Geographic Traveler Magazine put together a good list of free things to see and do in Buenos Aires For the full article click here or copy and paste this link into your browser