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    best way to get USdollars? help pretty please

    i use to get USD down to BA.
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    Apartment this normal?

    Hi, I have a nice place in las canitas that I will rent to you on a month to month basis and you can pay be credit card. feel free to send me a private note and I will send you more info. dan
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    Arriving on one-way ticket. Problems?

    Over the past 5 years I've flow into eze maybe 15 times and have never once been questioned about my length of visit..but yes i did fly in once from costa rica on a one way ticket, no problems.
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    selling property and transferring money

    I bought my property that way in 2006. I directly transferred money in my USA account to his USA account. However, things change so fast here that I would suggest you speak with a lawyer and or account.
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    Moving back to United States - help!

    I am curious: Did you own your apt? Did you sell the apt and how did you get your money out of argentina?
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    New Property Law for non residents??

    Can anyone recommend a good accountant to help me with my property taxes? I bought my place in 2006 and was just contacted by AFIP. What should expect to pay for this accounting service? many thanks!
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    Bank account

    I feel your pain, bank accounts in Argentina are a major hassle. If you open a HSBC premier account, min $100K USD deposit, my understanding is you'll have access to your funds in that account in Argentina (or anywhere in the world). An other option is to open a Charles Schwab checking account...
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    cheap air travel from BA to rest of the world

    check out this website for excellent RTW flight info:
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    Place for large family

    If you feel the US is headed for disaster, I'd say Argentina will most likely pave the way. Chile is a much better bet for financial stability. Colombia is definately headed in the right direction, but its the lone country surrounded by a bunch of places that could soon collapse. If you want...
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    Flights to Brazil

    I've booked online tickets with GOL and TAM, both worked out just fine...
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    Paying with USD

    betts, Some things are priced in dollars, especially the goods and services targeted at foreigners, but stating that "everything" is priced in USD is not true. If you don't want to pay dollars for these goods and services simply ask to pay in the currency you prefer. I am sure you'll come to a...
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    Used flat screen TV

    I am looking for a used flat screen TV in excellent condition. Anyone on this forum have one?
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    Property tax in Argentina?

    This topic surfaces every year or so on the forum and each time it does different information is presented. I've done my own research and have concluded the law regarding property tax is vague. I found a 2.5% annual tax on property owners who one a residence in Capital Federal AND an estate in...
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    Whole bean coffe?

    Maple syrup can be found at Jumbo...Check out the Cafe Martinez chains for whole bean coffee, i seem to recall seeing whole bean there...
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    US State Income Tax Question - File or Not?

    Yes, you absolutely have to file. I've lived outside the states for years as a cal resident and each year had to file state. Even if you visit california for a couple of weeks, as a california state resident, you are subject to taxation. Isn't that wonderful! I learned my lesson and quickly...
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    US State Income Tax Question - File or Not?

    You do, but if you have not lived or visited you owe nothing. If you plan to stay longer you should condider changing residency to a state without income tax.
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    Married to Argentine and my Federal Taxes

    I could be wrong, but that was the advice given to my by my lawyer. If I recall, since was married while on a tourist visa in Argentina, the US govt would not consider it valid (vice versa my wife in the USA). I think if both people have legal perminant residence in the country they intend to...
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    Married to Argentine and my Federal Taxes

    I am not a CPA, but I did marry an Argentine. I am assuming you are a US citizen and your wife is Argentine. If you married in the USA in 2008 you can claim her as a dependant/spouse/joint (if she truely is). If you married in Argentina and NOT in the USA I don't think you can b/c (i am told)...
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    Is It Time to Bail Out of the US?

    "The Peron Pattern" is an interesting read, I especially recommend it to all of you out there on this forum who see President Obama as the political messhia who can do no wrong.....
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    Interesting post. I was born in the USA, but in my 20's and early 30's lived outside the States for 10 years. This provided me an opportunity to travel to many many countries and develop relationships with people all over the planet. While I enjoyed some good relationships with USA women, I...