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  1. jantango

    "Carmen": The Passionate Icon Returns to the Teatro Colón

    July 21, 2024, at 11:00 AM local time? CORRECTION: 5:00PM BA TIME.
  2. jantango

    "Carmen": The Passionate Icon Returns to the Teatro Colón

    There is nothing like seeing live opera from the main floor or box seats. I worked for the Lyric Opera of Chicago as secretary to the assistant manager in 1969 and was fortunate to see dress rehearsals and opening night performances during two seasons. I prefer seeing all the action up close...
  3. jantango

    Trump injured after being shot while speaking at a campaign rally

    As a presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. deserves secret service protection which he has been denied.
  4. jantango

    "Carmen": The Passionate Icon Returns to the Teatro Colón

    For those of you (including me) who cannot afford to buy tickets, one of the performances will be live streamed on YouTube. I will post the link here.
  5. jantango

    Is there some way to tell how much more expensive BA is getting/has gotten

    Some of the 16 units have two or four people who use lots more water than I do alone, but I will be stuck with paying the same. Two couples have two children. One unit has been vacant for one year, and the new owners are stuck. Our debt with AySA reached 4M on Saturday. The administrator...
  6. jantango

    Is there some way to tell how much more expensive BA is getting/has gotten

    Edesur and MetroGas have small increases. But the service increase that really gets my attention is AySA. The bill was 7,000 per month in 2020 for a building of 16 units. Last month it was 140,000 and August is 219,600. The new administration is an accountant who is going to increase the...
  7. jantango

    I want to donate portable heaters and blankets

    What you can do is ask people living outdoors if they would like to live in a place run by the city. A call to 108 with names and locations will initiate action for the homeless in one of 40 centers.
  8. jantango

    Anyone who really, really understands the health insurance system?

    I haven't had an eye exam for several years. Since it was warm and sunny today, I walked to the local public hospital Ramos Mejia to ask for an appointment. There was no waiting line. I walked up to the desk where they give out appointments. The man asked for my DNI number and handed me a...
  9. jantango

    Direct with Amazon

    I bought a book today on Amazon that was delivered immediately to Kindle on my notebook. That's the only service that you can rely on, and it's free. Aduanas operates without oversight. It's not worth the risk. They win, you lose.
  10. jantango

    Tonight 2024 Presidential debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump.

    I watched THE REAL DEBATE that included Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who has real solutions for the country.
  11. jantango

    Julian Assange

    After 14 years of persecution, Julian will be free.
  12. jantango

    Riding the subte without paying

    I have witnessed people jumping the turnstiles and walking through the door for the handicapped. One guy said, it costs too much. This means lost revenue for service and price increases. My mouth dropped when I saw the fare increase to 650 pesos. I found this video about the same situation...
  13. jantango

    What would you bring to Argentina with you?

    As I posted a few days ago, CLUB SALUDABLE on Av. Callao 836 near Av. Cordoba has everything. The shelves are full of any brands of spices. If you don't find what you need from them, it probably doesn't exist in BA. Walk down the main aisle and turn to the right where you will find a small...
  14. jantango

    The Power of 3

    Paid for by American Values ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
  15. jantango

    Troubles With Building Administration

    Many administrators in CABA should be sanctioned, but owners don't bother to learn how the process works or have the time and interest to take on the task. 1 - file a denuncia online 2 - mediation held with the owner and the administrator online in Zoom. 3 - documentation provided by owner is...
  16. jantango

    Troubles With Building Administration

    Recently I received the disposition for my first denuncia against our administrator (AA). There is obviously a backlog of cases against administrations filed with the Defensa al Consumidor. The disposition took them almost two years from the date of our online mediation in July 2022. It took...
  17. jantango

    Black cardamom

    I can't believe it. The dietetica that has everything doesn't have black cardamom. They do have whole seeds (25g for 10,000 pesos) and ground seeds. Darama SRL (Constitucion 4011 CABA) is the supplier they carry for their extensive variety of spices. CLUB SALUDABLE has lots of organic...
  18. jantango

    Black cardamom

    I will be going tomorrow to my favorite dietética that has everything. I'll check for you. If they don't have it, no place does.
  19. jantango

    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    The new site listing the concerts sponsored by CABA can be found on Facebook -- BA MUSICA and already has 18,000 followers (in a city of 3 million. It would be nice if they publicized the link at the concerts and on printed programs. The other is MUSICA CLASICA AGENDA that offers their...
  20. jantango

    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    It's been years since I attended seven concerts in one week, but it just happened this week. The agenda of free concerts seems to be growing. I heard concerts by the Policia Federal, the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil Nacional in CCK, Verdi opera works at the Museo Casa Rosada, Orquesta de Camara...