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  1. alc4y27

    Residencia Help! 3 Yrs Here & Cant Find Way To Be Permanent

    Please help guys! I have been here 3 years and have a temporary DNI which expires in March of 2015. My job ends in December and I go to USA to visit my family whom I havent seen in3yrs for a month. i was told that without a work contract I cannot apply for permanent residency. Does anyone know...
  2. alc4y27

    How Do I Get Back My Jubilacion When I Leave Argentina??

    Hahahha not even. Good money? you mean after the 7000 for ganacias, 3000 for something i have no idea that they take out the overall 8000 pesos a month isnt anywhere near what i would call good money.
  3. alc4y27

    How Do I Get Back My Jubilacion When I Leave Argentina??

    thats is what i pretty much thats 2500 pesos a month into the argy goverments pocket
  4. alc4y27

    How Do I Get Back My Jubilacion When I Leave Argentina??

    Hi! I would really appreciate any help anyone has on this topic. I have had a job here for the last 3 years and will finish in December. They take over 10% out each month for jubilacion. Being as I am not going to retire in Argentina how do I go about getting this back? thank you!!
  5. alc4y27

    Ladies - Place To Get A Perm?

    Does anyone know of a good place to get a perm or have a trusted hairdresser they recommend? Thank you!!!
  6. alc4y27

    Guitar Lessons?

    Does anyone by any chance give or know someone who gives guitar lessons? I also want to buy a guitar!!! Thanks!
  7. alc4y27


    Hello all. i am fairly new to buenos Aires, have been here for a year but so busy with work havent had a chance to see much. I am currently going through and extremely hard breakup and would really like someone to talk to and was thinking of trying therapy. I dont know if anyone knows of any...
  8. alc4y27

    Dr. Bronners Castille Soap..where??!!

    Tried that and no luck so far! thanks anyway let me know if you come across it
  9. alc4y27

    Dr. Bronners Castille Soap..where??!!

    Hi all, in a search for more natural products I have yet to find castille soap, I am most familiar with the Dr. Bronners liquid form. Does anyone know of a natural store or place where I could buy this? Thank you!!
  10. alc4y27

    Filing Usa Taxes From Argentina?

    Thanks guys!
  11. alc4y27

    Filing Usa Taxes From Argentina?

    HI! I am hoping someone can Help me with this. I have been here a year and half now and I need to file my taxes. I dont make enough that I will have to pay but was told I should file or I could face problems later. I went to the USA embassy and they told me they had nobody to help with that and...
  12. alc4y27

    Rent Great Apartment, December 20Th Until February 10Th!!!

    Hi All I am renting out my place in San Telmo from the 20th of december until the 10th of february. I will be in brazil for an internship and to visit a special someone. The place is great perfect for 1 person or a couple. 1 bedroom, bathroom, living, kitchen, breakfast bar and terrace. It is on...
  13. alc4y27

    Hello, Newbie Here!

    HI guys! I am from Virginia and have been here about a year but so busy with work I havent had much time for going out. WOuld love to get to know some of ya'll. Let me know if you get together again!
  14. alc4y27

    Dill Weed!

    Thank you! Which carrefour?? the one near me definitely not, iam in San Telmo. This makes me feel better as I had a desperate moment when I spilled the last of my jar on the floor and thought nooooo
  15. alc4y27

    Dill Weed!

    I realize the possible ridiculousness of this post but please has anyone found a place that sells dill weed here? I believe it would be called eneldo. I cant find it anywhere!
  16. alc4y27

    Buying dollars, where and rates

    Hello all, I am aware that pretty much the only way to buy dollars is on the black market but i dont know how to do that or where! does anyone have ideas of rates and how to go about it.
  17. alc4y27

    good orthopedist doctor/hospital

    Hello I am currently suffereing from a broken ankle and am in shock at the lack of professionalism where iam, in quilmes. The doctor cleaned my wound without even disenfecting his hands or the instruments, I want to seek a better opinion especially because there is danger of infection. can...
  18. alc4y27

    Sending money out of argentina

    Right but if I use moremoney that would mean i have to send it in dollars and my only option for that is black market i suppose
  19. alc4y27

    Sending money out of argentina

    Help!! I am a teacher here being paid in pesos I am from the USA and am desperate to get money back to my family! What can I do. does anyone have ways of transfering? please let me know