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    The Complainers

    Why complain? Justl leave! I've been here three months to improve on my Spanish. Tomorrow I leave for Costa Rica. I can handle the noise, smoke, dog doo,** (drivers who I'm begining to believe are out to get me). but I just can't handle the total lack of respect, concideration and integrity, It...
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    Deteriorating relations with the US

    The world is changing, changing for the better. The U.S has better get use to the idea that it is a decling world power. There was a time when the U.S would say to a 3rd world country "Jump" and the reply would be "How high?" I think countries arround the world are learning to say "stick it in...
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    Aprender Manejo.

    Maybe there is something lost in the translation. I interpert to :mean (learn how to drive). Forgive me if I am wrong. How do they teach driving in Argentina? When I was a kid we would go to the fair a ride the bumper cars. Just step on the accerator and aim at at the car in front of you.There...
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    What ever became of Granadiscool. He would know the answers to many of these questions.
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    cheap airfare websites?

    Is it farther from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles then it is from Los Angele to Buenos Aires? I checked with Carbone and a flight from buenos Aires to Los Angeles is $1371 US. A flight from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires is $751 US. a difference of $621 US. Kayak was even worse, more then $1,000...
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    cheap airfare websites?

    Hi Dinguskhan. I need to go the other way. I bought with airmiles, non refundable, I need to return early, so am losing out on some bucks. Please share the info on cheap tickets. I think $800 usd is pretty darn cheap. Buena suerte.
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    Noam Chomsky

    Bigbadwolf. I would caution you of saying anything derogatory about the U.S. If you are a U.S citizen you might find yourself on the terrorist watch list. If you are a non U.S citizen you could be incarcerated incognito under the Home Land security laws. Just imagine Germany in 1937. The U.S in...
  8. R what cost?

    Yesterday I had lunch in Palermo Alto. The resturant was a little up scale and pricy but the food and service was good. When I received the bill I notice a charge (service de mesa) What is this? In France there is (service compri) tip included or (service no compri) tip not included, ???????????????
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    Re: Expats or Backpackers? -2

    I have read more postings and energy wasted on of subject of the behavior of Granadaiscool. This is what Mr Not SoCool wants, is attention. JITJ. Just ignore the jerk. Lets see who blinks first. Ciao.
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    Hot as Hell.

    I understand BsAs is hot as hell in the summer. I plan to be in South America for about 6 months. Is it advisable to skip out of BsAs during the summer months and spend them in a cooler place in Argentina or some other country in South America? Any suggestions? I understand that the Argentines...
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    Casa de Cambio.

    This afternoon I went hunting for the illlusive Casa de Cambio. I was told to go to the Banco de Frances. After waiting in line for about 20 minutes. I was told they do not change dollars. I was told that down Santa Fe avenue about 6 block is was a place called Planet that makes change. Anyway I...
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    What are the best job options to make enough money to stay in BA?

    LEE count your blessings Humility is a virtue.
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    Can't show appartment.

    Lighten up Ernie. People use the term, Brits, Swedes, Kanuks, Assies, Tico and Gringo without being offensive. If you have a feeling of infiriority then you can interpet it as being derogatory. Reat this site: INDEXAR, Brasserie Petanque."Owner is a RUDE idiot.
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    What recourse?

    I have read on an other site some of the abuses foreign tenant have taken from Argentine landlords. Examples: the landlord decides that he need the apartment and that the tenent must leave: The landlord finds excuses not to reimburse the deposit or reimburses only a fraction of the deposit. What...
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    Can't show appartment.

    I made inquires with Idearental about renting an apartment that they advertised on the internet. I asked if I could see the apartment before commiting to rent. I was told " I´m sorry but we can´t show apartments, because in this case the owner is not in Buenos Aires and a friend of him could do...
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    Hola. What can anybody tell me about American Express Traveler Checks, easy of cashing, fees. My apartment owner will only accept dollars or euros.
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    My bank Washinton Mutual charges $5US for any international transactions plus having to pay exchange rate, do the math. Henryb do you have a local bank account? Tell me how I can make a international transaction and only pay 1% - 3% then I'll think you are smart, not a smart ass. Craig
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    Drucifer. Maybe you don't mind paying 6% to get you own money and only 300 pesos at a time. I manage my money very carefully, maybe thats why I can afford to travel without financial worry. Craig
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    Greetings. I will be arriving in BA soon. I plan to take cash to avoid the ATM problem. What do casas cambios charge to convert dollars to pesos? I understand that there are a lots of conterfit $100.00 bills floarting around and that it is difficult to cash them. Craig