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    Dear guy in Puerto Madero

    ... that way when you judge the person, you'll be a mile away, and you'll have their shoes. ;)
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    Just a reassurance for Visa Runners to Colonia

    Hi all, I was planning to do the Colonia run next weekend, since I had in mind my visa ran out in June. Cleverly enough I went to change money today and found that today is my last legal day here. Of course the panic button was hit in my mind a little, as I've been careful to try and stay...
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    Changing Dollars

    Good resource that an Argentinian friend showed me: It has real-time euro and dollar rate listings for banks in Capital and in other major Argentinian cities. Click the bank name to get the address and opening hours, and click...
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    I need Marmite

    Marmite eh? I was given a big pot of it by a friend who was passing through Baires. Personally I find the stuff offensive on the taste buds, but I'm not one to judge :) Would you be interested in buying it from me for 10 pesos or so? PM me if it takes your fancy.
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    Mosquito bites - protect yourself

    Only in the northern area of the province. Just a wee question about the garlic - can you swallow the cloves whole? Or is it a case of munching every last gram of the delectable stuff? Thanks
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    Camping in Patagonia Now

    I was camping down in Viedma and Puerto Madryn last week which is much more north, but didn't even particularly need a sleeping bag at night. As mentioned if you have reasonable equipment I think you'll be fine. Mind you it has been a rather mild beginning to the autumn, so I guess that's to be...
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    Car rental?

    Hola a todos! Does anyone have any experience with this? A friend is coming to Bs As with me and wants to hire a car as a tourist - are there any particularly bad or good experiences anyone's had with renting a car in Argentina? And any ideas on prices? Many thanks Rich
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    I leave the US for BsAs on Thursday!!! (packing question)

    I guess therefore preparing for that theft by copying all your numbers somewhere is also a rather good idea!
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    130 dollar sting on entering the country

    Is this now in use? And is it applicable to all nationalities? Thanks
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    how does one find well paid regular work in this city?

    Hi Diaosaaranosa, Is it not because it's summer? I'm coming to Bs As in 3 weeks for the first time, hoping to find some work initially as a teacher while interest picks up with my business. Your post doesn't fill me with confidence that it'll work out though. @Everyone - has the employment...
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    To move or not to move....

    Hola a todos! I have a little quandary at the moment - I'm pretty much dedicated to moving down to Bs As from Prague with my Argentinian girlfriend in about 5 weeks; however having read many not-so-optimistic posts about the changing situation in yonder city/country, I'm left pondering whether...
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    Divorce with USA

    In fact yes, but they are so similar that in this case it's possible to clump them together and make sweeping generalisations :) Truthfully though I've been to Slovakia a few times, and there are enough of the Slovak ladies in Prague to give me the overall impression that, mas o menos, Slovak...
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    Divorce with USA

    Absolutely spot on. And the most ridiculous thing is that he's done this 'incontheivable' act in the country where you're most likely to find thousands of women who fit the exact description above. I live in Prague, and can vouch wholeheartedly for the Slovak girls... they're great. Stoopid man.
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    thinking of moving to argentina

    In fact I've never been to Argentina, and never even to South America. I'm having a slightly premature mid-life flip-out, and so doing something perhaps a little silly. I've lived in Prague as an expat for over 4 years though, so have experienced the kind of stages laid out in Syngirl's post...
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    thinking of moving to argentina

    Sorry to ask, but would you really consider Buenos Aires '3rd world'? Having never been, and only gleaning whatever impression I can on these forums before I move down in February, I guess I'm curious! Thanks muchly
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    Business licenses for Brits

    This is very true Fishface. Thanks for all your replies.. I'm going to get hold of the UK embassy there, and see what they say too. Much appreciated people - have a great week! Rich
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    Business licenses for Brits

    Well, since I'll be working out of Bs As, I assumed that I would need an Argentinian one. The idea is that all the money from the projects goes into a bank based in the CR, and I then invoice my sister-in-law for any work that I do. Of course if you can think of a better way of working it then...
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    Business licenses for Brits

    Hola a todos! I'm altogether new on this here forum, so I'll introduce myself a little. I'm a British national who has been living and working in the Czech Republic for the last four years (despite wanting to stay for just 2 months(!)). This year I met a rather lovely Argentine girl, who turned...