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    If You Had Your Druthers, How Do You Fix Argentina?

    El Nico obviously hasn't been robbed or assaulted enough. There's over 7 Billion on the planet. Time we tidied up the Gene pool and got rid of the problem ones in our communities. Yep the the K's solutions have been working so well !!!
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    If You Had Your Druthers, How Do You Fix Argentina?

    Change the immigration policy: Throw out all the Paraguyans / Bolivians / others that are not paying taxes. Throw out anyone not legal that's living here. ( That includes all you expats sponging here without residency). Make it a capital crime for murder/ robbery with a weapon ( 30 day trial...
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    Good Views From Up High?

    Club de Aleman but it is only open for lunch and not romantic. Hot air balloon ride?
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    Need A Good Spanish Intensive Curse, Any Recommendation?

    I studied with 5 years ago before coming here. Originally started learning at their school in Guatemala then continued after I went back to work with their online courses.
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    Argentina Cancel Its Participation On The Cruzex (Again)

    They were trying to siphon fuel from one of the Sarmiento trains for the Skyhawk till someone told them A4's don't run too well on diesel.
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    Nice Steak Knives

    That knife is about 200mm long and popular steak knife for the table in Argentina. Here is my favorite knife shop.
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    Going Rates For Cuevas Increased?

    Find someone selling property here who is trying to get their money to a country that is not about to collapse.
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    Going Rates For Cuevas Increased?

    That seems to be the new norm. Looks like more money flowing back into Argentina.
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    Don't Worry About Inflation

    Hope we get hyper inflation. Makes my car payment cheaper each month :rolleyes:
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    I'd Rather Be In Argentina Than On Flight 93 In The Us!

    Lay off the Paco Steve.
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    I'd Rather Be In Argentina Than On Flight 93 In The Us!

    I suggest all of us here pass around the donation hat for " Steves meds" . If you don't have any spare cash just throw in whatever pills you have laying around. ( Maybe that will stop him harping on about the US healthcare.)
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    Opening A Bank Account In Argentina

    Big Al You are coming into this very late in the game. Expect our little financial party to end very soon Try asking for cash back at the large retailers when making purchases
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    Anyone Found Cranberries For Sale?

    Asking early, so I have time to smuggle some in for thanksgiving.
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    Alarm Company

    I paid 400 pesos in Villa Crespo and now pay 300 pesos per month in Pilar. Still worthwhile to invest in a pump action shotgun though.
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    Desperately Need To Get Money To My Uk Account!

    Maybe there are some poms/Scots here who are willing to swap for some cash here.
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    Dollar Blue Rate After The Elections

    I was told 9.8 by the first and only person I asked on Florida this morning. You need to find a better cueva!
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    How To Use Paypal To Get Money Out?

    International guy. I found Skrill terrible to use. They keep 10% of your money for 6 months before releasing it to you. I would recommend using Stripe, super easy to sign up and use (2.9% fee). Google checkout was good , but is closing November 20th. I use also, but...
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    Food/drink You Have Once Seen For Sale In Argentina. Worlds biggest asado!!! Count me in!!!
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    Sweet Baby Ray's Bbq 40Oz For Sale To Highest Bidder...

    I will buy El tejano's BBQ sauce direct from him. Baby rays is a little too sweet for me
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    Something Is Fishy In Argentina

    I bought whole Bersugo ( Pacific Snapper) from Jumbo in Pilar yesterday . Although most of them where under size it was really good and fresh. When checking the fish lift the gill plates to make sure they are still nice and pink (not grey and slimy), also look at the eyes and make sure they are...