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    Semana Santa

    Hola expats, I was hoping someone here could give me an idea of what to expect in BA for the next 4 days (thurs-sun). I had no idea it was such a big holiday/travel weekend. Will grocery stores be open? Does the whole city shut down like on Christmas and New Years? If so when!? I just want...
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    Ibero TEFL certificate program

    I have done a lot of research and talked to many expats and foreigners who are working here as english teachers now. Most say a TEFL certificate is not necessary, but that it will give you an edge in the job hunt and will usually yield higher pay. I also am interested in the certification...
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    Ibero TEFL certificate program

    Also, Expanish TEFL <> ...Anyone have experience there?
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    Ibero TEFL certificate program

    Happy New Year everyone! I was hoping to find a little guidance here as I need to make a decision quickly as to where to get my TEFL certification as classes start on the 4th. Has anyone had experience with the Ibero Argentina TEFL certification course? It's the cheapest one I've found by...
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    Need a babysitter.

    I am definitely interested and will send you a PM :)