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  1. jantango

    ABL Bill

    WHO SHOULD PAY THE SERVICES AND TAXES? According to the Civil and Commercial Code, the tenants pay for the Lighting, Sweeping and Cleaning (ABL) and the water, electricity and gas services. For its part, the owner pays the taxes levied on his property, such as the real estate tax. It is...
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    Buquebus e-tickets

    My neighborhood stationery supply store (Libreria) also provides copy services. I send the documents I need printed as attached PDF files by email. The charge is 3 pesos per page.
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    Toys for Kids at Christmas

    The city will be collecting new and used toys and books so that the less fortunate children have a gift on Christmas. The collection date is Saturday, December 15 from 10 to 14 hs. at various locations: BELGRANO: Cabildo & Juramento, Cabildo & Jose Hernandez PALERMO: Av. Coronel Diaz & Santa...
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

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    Introducing myself

    Bar Avila in the 1300 block of Avenida de Mayo (corner San Jose) has live Flamenco music after dinner on Saturday. I passed by the restaurant at 23 hs.
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    Introducing myself
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    Ink security tag

    Have stores in Buenos Aires started using this kind of tag to discourage theft? I don't think so. What will they come up with next in the USA for security? This is the first time I've seen this contraption watching a video on how to remove it. I see what you mean. It's a hassle to remove.
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    When my modem/router wasn't working properly, I went to the local computer shop to buy a new one. The guy told me that those he had for sale did not work with Telefonica/Speedy service (now known as Movistar Hogar), so I contacted them for a new one (ZTE).
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    Anyone knows where you can get Reese's peanut butter cups in BA? It's the combination of flavors that makes them so popular. I'd take an easy route by buying an 85% dark chocolate bar, Nina's natural peanut...
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    Grass Fed Organic Beef?
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    Consumer Protection Agency in BA

    On Monday, I went to Comuna 3 to talk with Fernanda Boti who handles the consumer protection cases. It's helpful that she speaks English. I told her about the consorcio meeting that was run by the administrator, not the president, nor recorded by the secretary. The administrator knows nothing...
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    “Número de dirección”

    It took ten seconds to find this:
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    Climate change: Dickering with chemistry and physics ...and losing badly.

    Did you bother to listen to the Town Hall speakers? I did. The climate crisis has to bring the world together.
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

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    US credit card not accepted anymore

    Stores that accept foreign credit cards pay a 10% service charge. It costs them more to process a credit card transaction. I have a debit card with a credit union, and use it on rare occasions for purchases over 1,000 pesos.
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    Is there any volunteer work in Buenos Aires
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    Should I ride a bike in BA?
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    Grass Fed Organic Beef?