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  1. perry

    Argentina Me Too Movement

    Extremes are never good for society and trial by media should be outlawed . I have the fullest sympathy for rape victims or of violence and they should be fully investigated by the full weight of the law with the presumption of innocence until convicted. I feel society has lost its natural...
  2. perry

    Argentina Me Too Movement Interesting case that has recieved a tremendous amount of local and international press . I like...
  3. perry

    ABL Bill

    Are you renting or own the property? By Argentinian law renters are not obligated to pay abl and its illegal if a owner obligates you to pay this tax
  4. perry

    Security in Don Julio Last night Ángela Merkel enjoyed Argentina premium steak at Don Julio
  5. perry

    Trump walks off leaving Macri standing alone Trump walks off stage leaving Macri standing alone at the G20 without taking part in the photo opportunity . Very funny video .
  6. perry

    Security in Don Julio

    Incredible security in Don Julio for the G20
  7. perry

    Boca River Superclassico Violent incidents

    All people in general will not get involved in violent incidents but will film this with their cameras and put on youtube and twitter . This is not only in Argentina but a worldwide trend . The people are not to blame for the terrible weak institutions in place in Argentina and the lenient...
  8. perry

    Boca River Superclassico Violent incidents

    Of course the security is a joke as it could not even protect a bus with one of the most important soccer teams in the world . By your argument if a terrorist goes on a plane and blows it up it is not a security issue ? Argentina is a inmature divided society and for this reason the security...
  9. perry

    Boca River Superclassico Violent incidents

    Another scandal as the final is postponed again for today . Incredible !!!!!
  10. perry

    Boca River Superclassico Violent incidents

    This is a national and international disgrace that a match of this importance is marred by this violence . if they cannot secure the safe transport of the Boca Players how will they secure the G20...
  11. perry

    Anarchist with pipe bombs loose in Buenos Aires...

    Unfortunately these attacks will get worse in the next weeks. I would recommend that expats avoid large events and crowds as a precaution
  12. perry

    Grass Fed Organic Beef?

    Its very hard to know what you are buying but due to my experience I can tell with one bite if the meat is mostly grass fed or grain fed . For me there is a big difference in flavour. I find it shocking though that restaurants are not allowed to advertise if the meat is grass fed giving a...
  13. perry

    What do I really like about Argentina......

    Pensador I gather you like your meat. What is your favourite parilla?
  14. perry

    United Kingdom warns of terrorist attacks in Buenos Aires A very strong warning from United Kingdom about terrorist attacks during the G20 in Argentina
  15. perry

    Grass Fed Organic Beef?

    Are you on the paleo diet?
  16. perry

    Grass Fed Organic Beef?

    Are you looking for Halal meat? Goat meat is very healthy especially when fresh. In Greek villages it was the most popular meat for many generations
  17. perry

    What do I really like about Argentina......

    I love my red meat served bleu lightly seared. I was a vegetarian and it nearly destroyed my health.
  18. perry

    Grass Fed Organic Beef?

    The Argentinian government many years made it law to not allow the promotion of grass fed meat products . For me this is a crime of huge proportions and completely discrimatory . In most western societies grass fed beef is actively promoted at a higher price but as a consumer we must have this...
  19. perry

    Caveman diet

    Nikad I like to answer you here . All these societies you have mentioned ate most of their diet in meat products historically Greeks until recently lived on eating goats. lambs , eggs, and a lot of milk products . Most greek people in small villages ate vegetables as maybe 20% of their diet ...
  20. perry

    New capital gains tax on property in Argentina

    So basically you are saying that this is an engineered collapse that Macri in collusion with the imf destroys the economy as to buy up Argentina assets for pennies to the dollars?