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    Don't worry, after brexit it will be easy to work out ... -.- :D
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    Hi BA Don, Sorry I only just noticed this message, for some reason I never received a...

    Hi BA Don, Sorry I only just noticed this message, for some reason I never received a notification. You're very welcome, good luck with your search; cautious optimism is the way forward! ;=)
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    It's always an inside job

    Hey Jan, So sorry to hear about your experience. Thanks for sharing it with the community. Hope you recover soon! Best Wishes :=)
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    Argentina is expensive. Really don't know how middle class here get by

    Contrary to all my expectations, this thread is actually getting quite interesting and nuanced. Nice :=)
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    New immigrants Policy?

    Is this really a new policy? : Deportation for illigals found to have committed a crime.
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    Can the forum search be configured to allow searches for 3 letter words?

    This has happened to me too, it would be good to enable shorter searches if possible. If not, I've heard there are some third party software API that can be bolted onto websites to help with searchibility. The best are these guys : Cheers!
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    Transferring money from European bank account to Argentine account

    I'm pretty sure you can just do direct wire transfers between your EUR bank and arg one. Ask at your European bank and they should be able to advise. Otherwise,yep, TransferWise is easy and reliable.
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    Do you fear a crash similar to 2001?

    An interesting bit of economic analysis here, enjoy! :
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    Default on its way.....?

    Becuase then the K's and Peronists can come back and blame the other side for all the problems ;) It's a pity though, both sides are as corrupt as each other...
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    Argentina is expensive. Really don't know how middle class here get by

    Some people know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing... :x
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    Newbie looking for advice

    This is top notch advice, and from a fellow Texan. There we go!
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    The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?

    Actually I think the fruit and vegetables are great here, but only if you grow your own . :p I'm starting to get a nice bounty appearing right now, here are some pics. All organic! Veggies!
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    Newbie looking for advice

    Hey, Before advising, please provide as much general context as possible. Please don't post anything sensitive though, this is a public forum after all. As of now; there is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer... ;)
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    Best places for volunteering

    Ya, they've all been 'out of stock' for 10 + years . The funny thing is, a lot of those bars have re printed their menus over the years, still listing Guinness, yet still no stock. Maybe one day.... ! ;P
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    Bolsonaro takes office :/

    As usual more whataboutism. This thread is about Bolsonaro and the threat HE poses. If you want to open a new thread about Venezuela feel free. No one here has defended faux-leftist populist kleptocracies like maduro et Al. But of course it's easier for those that support right wing...
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    Bolsonaro takes office :/

    I was asking, thanks for the info. Unlike some here I am happy to accept I was wrong on a particular point if shown evidence. Speaking of which, on the evidence I posted last, on the economic issues. I hear nothing but silence from all those who were asserting mistakenly. Back to the Public...
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    Bolsonaro takes office :/

    Is this normal practice in Brazil, to send in 300 troops to deal with 50 alleged 'rioting criminals' , maybe it was a reasonable response, and Bolsonaro, just days after entering office, has a rare event happen whereby sending in the military to deal with civilian matters is appropriate. Or...
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    Peso value

    80 / or back to Patacones/australes :p :x
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    Bolsonaro takes office :/

    You are simply wrong on neoliberalism and trickle down. It doesn't do what you say, it results in what I've been explaining. And Bolsonaro is on this course. You keep repeating the same tired neoliberal talking points, and the facts just don't allign with what you believe. If you care for...