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  1. D.B. Cooper

    It's always an inside job

    Hi Jan,... I'm sorry to hear about this. Sounds like a real horror story. I have pretty wonderful neighbors but I always look through the peep hole if some one knocks my door. If I don't recognized the person I put on the chain so that the door only opens about 5 inches. I hate to say this but...
  2. D.B. Cooper

    Newbie looking for advice

    BA in June is the beginning of winter. It can get pretty cold. It snowed 2007. Make sure you bring warm clothing. Never been to Texas so don’t know what winters there are like.
  3. D.B. Cooper

    Is it normal for Argentinians to tease gringos about their Spanish accent?

    Thank you for posting this. It's a good reminder. Some people want this ignorant goon to be president again. Are you kidding me...!!! “Wine to wine” ??? I don’t even know what that means, I think she’s trying to say “Win win” maybe?...and the last clip I have no idea what she’s saying. When...
  4. D.B. Cooper

    IVF Recommend and Rx

    I did a search for you using the word "fertility". There are a lot of fertility clinics in the city. But because there is a possibility of $$ involved, there are always scam artist waiting to take advantage of people. Good luck...
  5. D.B. Cooper

    I think I need advice

    You should contact the US Embassy ASAP to report a possible lost or stolen passport. I’m sure theyl'll be happy to hear from you. They might be able to help you with the other issue regarding your father. Also contact your father's bank account. Tell them to freeze all accounts. Ditto with the...
  6. D.B. Cooper

    Coffee chat Wed Jan 2 ,2019

    No can do.
  7. D.B. Cooper

    Coffee chat Wed Jan 2 ,2019

    I’m still reCOOPERating from New Years !!! See you next week.
  8. D.B. Cooper

    Washington Post article

    I've never been to LA but I always think of it as a glamorous place. Think Hollywood, the Oscars, movie stars....etc. But somebody posted Youtube videos on the dark side of LA. It shows block after block of people living in tents in the city streets. Very sad and shocking. Governor Jerry Brown...
  9. D.B. Cooper

    Social Security Checks

    I got mine today. It was a pleasant surprise.
  10. D.B. Cooper

    So many Laxatives but no Pepto Bismol!?!?

    The one I bought not too long ago is pink.
  11. D.B. Cooper

    Looking for unique good quality stuff for a house remodel

    My favorite place is the old flea market on Dorrego Street. (Mercado de Pulgas) It has everything. Take the "B" subway line to Dorrego stop and walk about 8 blocks. The place is huge. It has everything. Lots of cool hard to find stuff. Mercado de Pulgas
  12. D.B. Cooper

    This week's Coffee Chat, WEDNESDAY, Dec 12 at Alto Palermo

    Have Router ... Will the coffee chat next Wednesday.
  13. D.B. Cooper


    If my address is not convenient ,... come to the coffee chat next Tues. and you can pick it up from there. What happened was that I had a Smart TV installed last year. The new Telecentro Modem comes with a Router included. The router is still in the original box with all the cables &...
  14. D.B. Cooper


    You can have mine for free.
  15. D.B. Cooper

    Coffee Chat, Tues. Dec 4, 5:30-6:30pm at ALTO PALERMO

    Looks like a perfect day to sit outside, drink coffee and chitchat. Count me in.
  16. D.B. Cooper

    3.8 Earthquake hits Buenos Aires at 10:27 am.

    I was drinking my morning coffee when I felt a slight bump. I was sitting down but definitely felt something. I thought it was somebody doing construction work in my building. It was an earthquake. Yikes !!!.
  17. D.B. Cooper

    Coffee Chat, Tues. Nov. 27, 5:30-6:30pm at ALTO PALERMO

    Thank you Gracielle,...welcome back.
  18. D.B. Cooper

    Alacran "scorpion" in BA

    Very cute... did you catch it? can probably sell it on eBay. Dead of course ...!
  19. D.B. Cooper

    Does anyone in the BsAs area have Juul pods?

    You can get all that stuff in
  20. D.B. Cooper

    Is River Plate vs Boca Juniors streaming to my computer tonight?

    FYI....During the 1970's Argentina was ruled by a military dictatorship.