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  1. TomAtAlki

    Best Carne Restaurants

    I think the T bone steak at Don Julio is really fabulous and service etc also great. But, in order for the prices to be real you must use your Club de Nation card, 20% off the entire bill including the wine. N
  2. TomAtAlki

    Recommendations on Moving Companies (LA -> BA)?

    We moved our things ( still doing it, after 10 years ) in suitcases, taking as many as allowed , plus some. It's much cheaper IMO. No furniture, no large appliances, just the things that make home HOME, books, art, carpets, etc, etc, etc. Nancy
  3. TomAtAlki

    Argentinians don't swaddle babies. Why?

    Some babies like to be free, my daughter liked her blanket to barely touch her, born in August ( Seattle ), my son liked to be swaddled tight, born in November ( Seattle ) Parents have no say, just do what keeps the babies happy. N
  4. TomAtAlki

    Cable recommendation BA

    It seem real fast to me.
  5. TomAtAlki

    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    For those of us that live in "The Great Northwest" (part time) there is nothing to compare to wild Alaska salmon.. N
  6. TomAtAlki

    Tipping Flight Attendants. Next we'll have to tip the pilots

    Double negatives = positive :-) N
  7. TomAtAlki

    Venezuela 101

    Where are all of the immigrants to Venezuela coming from? You say: "Chavez waged war, driving out the middle class, the professionals, closing media outlets, making life unbearable for all but the immigrants he imported." "Remarkably quickly Venezuela became a country of immigrant voters who...
  8. TomAtAlki

    Venezuela 101

    Thanks. That does help.
  9. TomAtAlki

    Venezuela 101

  10. TomAtAlki

    Venezuela 101

    Venezuela should be a very rich country....oil, gold, beaches, location. It seems that oil riches can somehow destroy some countries (Venezuela, Nicaragua) Can anyone explain to me why a country that should be rich and happy has become poor, ridden by inflation, sort of a dictatorship, and...
  11. TomAtAlki

    Can anyone recommend on a lumberyard that sells milled wood in bulk?

    Try La Viruta. Av. Juan B. Justo 1300, Btw Honduras and Solar. There is another wood place on the corner od Juan B Justo and Honduras but they may be closed up. Most of the cont here uses very little wood. Mostly I see bricks, conc blocks and metal studs (which may be your best bet) T/
  12. TomAtAlki

    Every time I eat at Pani it costs about $30

    Please help. What is Pani??? T/
  13. TomAtAlki

    ISO Ham Flavoring

    1 thick slice of bacon, cut into itty bitty pieces and cooked till crisp, put on string beans ( or anything), delicious! Nancy
  14. TomAtAlki

    Tax of foreign pension

    And, as of a few years ago, no tax treaty with the USA. T/
  15. TomAtAlki

    Finding a dishtowel which actually absorbs water?

    Walking around, sometimes I see stores selling commercial kitchen stuff, try googling that. Nancy
  16. TomAtAlki

    The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?

    In life there are good, medium and bad people, vegetable stores, super markets, etc. Pick the good ones. T/
  17. TomAtAlki

    500 and 1000 peso notes, terminology

    But you sure feel like a :=) T/
  18. TomAtAlki

    Metal Table For Sale

    Bring us an offer we can't refuse. Nancy
  19. TomAtAlki

    Metal Table For Sale

    We bought a new table so the old table has to go. It’s metal with dimensions very close to: 120mm (47”) long x 44mm (17”) wide x 82mm (32)” high. Excellent quality. $75US (or eq pesos). T/
  20. TomAtAlki

    Volunteer opportunities

    I have a friend that volunteers gardening at a nature reserve. I can put you in touch with her if that interests you. Nancy