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  1. wineguy999

    Who has the best crystal ball?

    I still have a hard time believing the Republicans will nominate Drumpf in 2020. I think they'll be happy for the opportunity to be rid of him.
  2. wineguy999

    Any expats here been able to fully get rid of their accent?

    Exactly the same in our house.
  3. wineguy999

    Best Carne Restaurants

    I had to laugh at that. Recommendations in Argentina are so difficult, with so many to choose from - Bordeaux, Burgundy, a nice Italian, Spanish...oh, wait. But seriously, I know about the problem with temp at Don Julio and most other restaurants in Argentina, in the summertime, anyway. I...
  4. wineguy999

    Interrogated by customs on flight out of Rosario. Why?

    Yet people on this board are happy to refer to Argentinos as "Argies". I was taught that that is the equivalent of wog, mick or dago.
  5. wineguy999

    Best Carne Restaurants

    "Room Temperature" is more confusing misnomer than anything meant to be taken literally. Ideally, reds are served slightly above cellar temperature (12-14C), and then enjoyed as they warm and open up during the course of the meal. Our guide is (roughly) as follows: Big reds - 17-20 degrees C...
  6. wineguy999

    Best Carne Restaurants

    If the wine was served warm, I assure you the sommelier was not excellent.
  7. wineguy999


    A film inspired by the Panama Papers sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry.
  8. wineguy999

    Local lady

    She could also mean that she simply doesn't have regular social encounters with men. A lot there for interpretation.
  9. wineguy999

    Best fixed price lunch menus?

    I'll second Narda, and throw in La Parolaccia (Cerviño) - a little more expensive, but worth it.
  10. wineguy999

    Did Trump save Venezuela?

    Maybe he can find a nice hotel down in Santa Cruz.
  11. wineguy999


    Most Argentinos would be completely ignorant of the concept of UK vs. England, it's true. But they are also schizophrenic in their feelings about England and the English. I always imagine a scene where some Argentine comes home, changes from his Union Jack festooned leather jacket and puts on...
  12. wineguy999

    Newbie looking for advice

    Winter climate varies greatly, depending on which part of Texas you're in. It's over 800 miles across, in either direction.
  13. wineguy999

    Is it normal for Argentinians to tease gringos about their Spanish accent?

    Speaking from personal observation, it's also common for Argentinos to berate their countrymen about poor English skills, not recognizing their own lack of ability. As nikad said, it's (at least somewhat) humor/culture.
  14. wineguy999

    Any Google Fi Users?

    I meant US coverage - that's the only map they have on the website. But if the coverage in the US is exaggerated, one might presume...
  15. wineguy999

    Crazy from the heat..

    From my sister-in-law in Santa Fe - made me think of you, Pensador. 65 degrees today with heat index.
  16. wineguy999

    Any Google Fi Users?

    Since I wasn't familiar with Google Fi, I poked around their website after seeing this post. Just from my personal experience, but be aware that the reach of their network is hugely overstated on their coverage map.
  17. wineguy999

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, bud!
  18. wineguy999

    Washington Post article

    It's estimated there are well over half a million homeless in the USA. That includes many that are homeless but earning - living in vehicles, with friends, etc, but cannot afford to rent where they work. Silicon Valley is a good example.
  19. wineguy999

    Democrats In Argentina - Group Forming

    ...but mostly in the White House.
  20. wineguy999

    Counterfeit money from taxi driver

    I have to agree with Ries on this one...comparing all the taxi drivers in the world using London as the standard is unfair. It's like using Rolls Royce as the norm for automobile quality. And my experience with BA taxistas is similar to others who have written in their support - I can recall...