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  1. jeff1234

    Who has the best crystal ball?

    Each expat has a hypothetical $1,000us to bet on the 2020 presidential election. Payoff, on Nov 4, 2020, will be based on the odds given by Bet365 (column #1). Me, I'm taking $500 on Mike Pence at...
  2. jeff1234

    Dollar and Inflation Rate Predictions End 2019

    Nice summary, thanks. The most likely debt solution for the US will be devaluing the dollar. I wonder what will happen when the world can no longer rely on a stable dollar. .
  3. jeff1234

    Did Trump save Venezuela?

    Calling someone an idiot works much better if you proofread what you type. And calling someone a name doesn't really help your credibility.
  4. jeff1234

    Surface Pro or Chromebook Air

    Lots of Surface Pro's on I've had good experience with Tiendamia but sometimes clicking on one of their listings will bring up a message 'Out of Stock' or 'not available in your country'. surface
  5. jeff1234

    Watching US Netflix? (Google Fi VPN?)

    I have a similar problem. I use chromecast from my pc. While casting there a hard to find control line on my pc, at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes it disappears. But it has the basic controls, start, pause, etc. I havent tried casting on my phone but I suggest you try playing around...
  6. jeff1234

    Did Trump save Venezuela?

    So now Putin is active in further off places like Syria and Venezuela. Sadly he's done nothing to improve Russia's economy, it's still relies almost totally on oil, like Vz...
  7. jeff1234

    Tipping Flight Attendants. Next we'll have to tip the pilots

    Frontier is the first, but I'm sure not the last, airline to allow (ahem!) passengers to tip flight attendants. Some flight attendants already get paid for hustling credit card programs to passengers. I can imagine a day in the not too distant future where pilots will expect tips for on time...
  8. jeff1234

    Venezuela 101

    I've said this elsewhere but it's worth repeating. Chavez waged war, driving out the middle class, the professionals, closing media outlets, making life unbearable for all but the immigrants he imported. I've seen him on Venezuelan tv, all day, tirelessly showing off the freebies he gave to...
  9. jeff1234

    Did Trump save Venezuela?

    When I lived in Florida 10-15 years ago I met many Veneuzalan exiles. They told a consistent story of Chavez pushing out the professionals and middle class, even upper class people and replacing them with immigrants that he lured with outrageous benefits like 10 cent a gallon gasoline and free...
  10. jeff1234

    Forbes: (Argentina) Economic activity is almost dead and inflation is not even near to be defeated," he

    January 24, 2019 It is hard to imagine a more delicate situation in Argentina than this. The next president holds the biggest International Monetary Fund loan in the fund's history. Defaulting on it would literally close Argentina for business, and surely from international lenders. Debt is...
  11. jeff1234

    Did Trump save Venezuela?

    Guaidó was quickly recognised by the US, Canada, Brazil, Colombia and other US allies in the Americas, while the European Union said the voice of the people “cannot be ignored”.
  12. jeff1234

    Did Trump save Venezuela?

    What impact on Argentina?
  13. jeff1234

    It's always an inside job

    It sounds like Brexit will put you, in many ways, in the same position as if you had stayed in Argentina, at least in terms of not being able to electronically transfer funds automatically, having your native country pay for your local health insurance, having to get a local drivers license...
  14. jeff1234

    It's always an inside job

    I'm sorry to hear of your problems and your terrible experience in 2008. I'd like to understand more about your situation....Why would you lose your British pension and healthcare?
  15. jeff1234

    If Cristina Is Elected in October the Dollar Goes to $60 ..!

    There couldn't be a better example. Chavez/Maduro managed to destroy a country that has more oil than Saudi Arabia and beaches as nice as any in the Caribbean.
  16. jeff1234

    Who plans to live in Buenos Aires permanently and why?

    Seven years ago I moved here to be with my (now) wife. We're both American citizens by birth. We're happy here and have no plans to leave. But if life for us in Argentina becomes unpleasant, we'll move somewhere else. If we were younger or needed an income we'd be long gone.
  17. jeff1234

    Which ATM can I get cash out of with an American Debit Card (Fidelity or Charles Schwab)?

    The rep knows and the fees are returned at the end of the month
  18. jeff1234

    Which ATM can I get cash out of with an American Debit Card (Fidelity or Charles Schwab)?

    I've only been able to use my Schwab card at bands with an 'EB' sign. Mainly I use it at HSBC and BBVA at their smaller ATMS. Santander has removed their smaller ATMs and their other ATMS wont accept Schwab...
  19. jeff1234

    Newbie looking for advice

    My Schwab card doesn't just save me $10 it saves me about 10%. The atm's have maximums that can be withdrawn at one time or on one day. My local atm has a 4000 peso limit per transaction and 2 withdrawls per day. So the $10 fee is for every 4000pesos ($111usd). $$20/day.