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    Need some advice on extending a visa please.

    If you only have been in the country less than 90 days, you can either go to Migraciones, very close to the Retiro station. It is open 8 - 14. You stand in a line outside and when you get in, you cross the park to edificio 6, where foreigners go. Ask in the desk, who you should talk to. I heard...
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    pensionvisa to tourist visa?

    Last year I got a pensionvisa, but for some reason, (that I should have checked before I got the visa), I realize I cannot renew it. It expires second of May. I peviously bought a ticket out of Argentina in late June. People say I can go to Uruguay 1 May, come back as a tourist and leave in...
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    Tax of foreign pension

    I found there is double tax agreement with many European countries. I talked to a tax lawyer. He said the agreement is that you have to pay tax of your foreign income here as a permanent resident. But not as temporary, nor tourist.
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    Coffee Chat, TUESDAY, January 8 at Alto Palermo

    I am blond, in pink t shirt with Hollister written on the side and blue relaxed pants....
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    Coffee Chat, TUESDAY, January 8 at Alto Palermo

    All right going now....
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    Swedish Tourist Shot in San Telmo His Leg Amputated

    Malmo in Sweden is on the list of most violent cities in the world. Because of the more and more frequent gang rapes on Swedish festivals, the first women music festival was held in Gothenburg last year. In Copenhagen center(Denmark) half an hour from Malmo, polishelikopters were in the air all...
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    Coffee chat Wed Jan 2 ,2019

    Sorry I was there 5.30 to 6. Couldnt find anyone....?
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    Coffee chat Wed Jan 2 ,2019

    Hi I will come ....
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    Tax of foreign pension

    I wonder if you are a resident here temporarily or steady, do you have to pay tax of your foreign pension? If not, - are there any realistic plans that they would start to tax foreign pensioners? Thanks!
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    Is BA safe for women ?

    I have been biking every night from Palermo to San Telmo from milongas. It is very safe. You can buy a fairly cheap bike in Coto abasto and you have to have two locks, one of them a u lock. You can buy good and fairly cheap on Cordoba/ Peurrydon. Take the bike inside for the night. People tell...
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    Coffee Chat, Tuesday, May 22, 5:30-6:30pm, Alto Palermo

    I will come but more like six o clock.
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    I live with Venezuelan refugees. 363 on average enter this country every day. 130000 a year. 10 000 leave Venezuela every day. 7 million have left the country so far. They support the 28 millions, now living in Venezuela. If you do not have a relative outside Venezuela to feed you, you will die...
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    Visit doctor with precaria

    Thank you so much!:)
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    Visit doctor with precaria

    I had plan to go back to Europe, but now I have to wait for my DNI. I therefore need some medicin I usually get. Can I go to a doctor with my precaria? And how does it work with health system and DNI? Grateful for answer.
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    Pension visa

    Thanks ever so much. That was very helpful!:)
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    Pension visa

    I have just received information that my pension visa is approved. However I have to wait for the DNI card, because they have to print it. Migrations said it takes to and a half months, while my hotel said it can take 8 months. I cannot leave the country meanwhile and my precaria has to be...