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    Water safe to drink?

    Thank you for the link. I messaged AySA and expecting their reply. And, to let everyone know, after a few days of research I found out that most of the stuff you don't want in your water can be removed from tap water by chemicals which are harmless and can be obtained from Mercado Libre. Mostly...
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    Water safe to drink?

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    Water safe to drink?

    Hi everyone! Would someone advise how I can find out exactly what chemicals are used for CABA municipal water treatment? I actually only need to know if they treat it with chlorine or chloramine. Can I find it out just by emailing a respective agency and which one would it be? Thank you.
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    The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?

    Hi Jantango! If I may ask, is this your entire weekly food budget or is it just organic food you buy in addition to non-organic? If you eat only organic on this budget where do you go grocery shopping? And, about the weekend ferias mentioned here, are they cheaper than mercado El Galpon and...