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    Part-time Sales Person Needed (Remote)

    We are a digital marketing agency looking for a results-driven B2B sales representative. We work with later-stage startups and SMEs in Latin America who have a product or service for the US market. We would like someone who understands both the Latin America and US markets. Our services include...
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    Debit Withdrawal Fees

    Does anyone know anywhere you can get out more than 2500 pesos at one time?
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    Looking For A "panel Physician" In Ba

    Hi all, My fiance needs to complete the I-693 medical exam from a "panel physician", but the link to find a doctor is broken on the embassy site. Has anyone does this exam and/or know an approved doctor that can do this? Any help would be great.
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    Entry Level Marketing Position Open

    We're a startup in Palermo that does PR, social media marketing, SEO (and design and development). The marketing team needs an entry level person, who is upbeat, great at multitasking, flexible, and in BA for at least 1-2 years. This team member will help out with: - Blog Writing - SEO tasks -...
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    Carpenter Recommendation?

    Thank you, Irina!!!
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    Carpenter Recommendation?

    Does anyone have a carpintero that they recommend using? I have some light carpenter work that I need help with. I live in Palermo Hollywood, so if anyone knows someone, please pass along the information!
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    House Cleaner Needed

    I also need a house cleaner. Does anyone have someone they can recommend?
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    looking for a room to rent

    Hi! I'm a 25 year old girl who is also looking for an apartment. Feel free to contact me if the places are still open!
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    SAT Tutoring - Advice from teachers?

    Hi all, A friend and I are in Buenos Aires on a Princeton in Latin America fellowship to set up and teach an SAT prep course. We just got here a week ago, and are trying to figure things out without much guidance from our US office. We have all course and private tutoring session mapped out...
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    Hello from 2 Americans moving down to BA!

    Hi! My friend and I (also both Americans in our 20s) just arrived in BA as well. We are staying at hostels until we find a place too - where are you staying? We like our place, but may need to switch, depending on how soon we can find an apartment. Would love to trade information - feel free...
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    Anyone Need a Roommate?

    Hi! I just got to BA on Monday, and I am (like most people here) looking for an apartment to rent. I'm a 24-year old American looking to live in somewhere central (I'm not that picky) and number of roommates is not important either. I'm easy-going, social, looking for ex-pats around the same...
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    Anyone Need a Roommate?

    I'm moving to Buenos Aires on Monday for about a year. I'm staying in hostels/hotels until I find a place to live, so does anyone need a roommate? I'm actually coming with a friend, so if you have one or two bedrooms free please let me know! Otherwise, if you have any friends looking for a...