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    renewing DNI con motivo trabajador - how many months of pay receipts to bring to migraciones

    Dear Expat community, Has anyone lately renewed their worker DNI (con motivo trabajador). I am collecting my documentations here for the 1st renewal (i.e. not applying for permanent residency) and to prove the "continuidad laboral" was just wondering how many months of payslips (monthly pay...
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    Hi there, again. I am looking for advices on MONOTRIBUTISTA. I have Argentinian DNI por motivo trabajo, valid for 1 year. I remember when doing the tramités at Migraciones, they told I can't do monotributista with this DNI. But now reading different things from the mighty Internet, incl. AFIP...
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    Migración Officials Visiting Your Workplace?

    Hi there, Has anyone during the process of recidencia por el motivo trabajador had had migration officials coming by to the workplace to see if you actually work there and to see some legal stuff with the company? This just happened with me today, and whilst working at an NGO we have tons of...
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    Macsafe 2 - Anyone Having Extra Macsafe 2 Charger?

    Dear Baexpats, Just landed back to Buenos Aires, and sadly realised that I left my MacBook charger to Europe. Might be a long shot but if anyone has an extra MacSafe 2 charger laying around, hit me a message! Many thanks!
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    Constancia De Alta Temprana Afip

    Hi there! So, being overly happy after I got my DNI process done (or to the phase "certificado de recidencia precaria") and migraciones people told me something that I should come back there to present "constancia de alta temprana" within 30 days but because of that happiness feeling I totally...