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    Climate change: Dickering with chemistry and physics ...and losing badly.

    Another topic that comes up in the "Merchants of Doubt" film is another motive for some of these scientists -- a Cold War focus on keeping the U.S. economy unhindered by environmental regulation. This clip (about 4 mins) addresses 2 of the scientists in the Wikipedia listing, Fred Singer and...
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    Duplex in the heart of Palermo - 22000

    Hi Sonne, A few questions that many might have: - what is the kitchen like? does it have a stove (gas or electric), oven, refrigerator (full-size or half-size, with or without freezer), etc? - what is the bathroom like? does it have a tub or only a shower? - what would renters do about...
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    Climate change: Dickering with chemistry and physics ...and losing badly.

    Here's a short YouTube video (8 mins): Merchants of Doubt: What Climate Deniers Learned from Big Tobacco ...about the full-length movie, Merchants of Doubt. You can find the whole movie on YouTube, among other places. Very well-made, and worth watching. The point of the movie is that, in all...
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    Looking for 2 bedroom furnished apt in Palermo

    Hello, We just reserved a place through If you don't hear back from them after a week, you can email directly. This email address reaches their agent, Mariana, who handles that neighborhood. Once we got through to her, everything went...
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    Coffee Chat, Tues. April 17, 5:30-6:30pm, Alto Palermo

    Nice meeting everyone. Katherine
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    Cool Classic Almagro Apartment Near Palermo

    Hi Corey, Wondering if your place might be available? My boyfriend & I are in Buenos Aires until May 30th, looking for a place to rent, and your place sounds lovely and is in a great location. Our two questions: - Wondering if your apartment has internet (need this for work)? - Wondering if...