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  1. NickC

    Buying shirts in BA - Where?

    Hey everyone, I am looking to buy some casual shirts for the summer. Back home I would go to TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US I believe). However haven't seen anything so similar here. Does anyone have any suggestions on good places? It doesn't have to be branded just relatively priced and nice. I...
  2. NickC

    Commission Payments

    Hi all, I have viewed multiple properties here today and seem to be getting quoted staggering amounts of commission to pay on top of the monthly fees. What is a typical amount? I am looking to rent a property for 3 months, so it is a temporary stay however I am still not expecting to pay over...
  3. NickC

    Coffee Chat, Tues. Dec 4, 5:30-6:30pm at ALTO PALERMO

    I just saw this! Hopefully you will be meeting up next week :)
  4. NickC

    Learning Spanish in BA

    Amazing, thank you all so much for your help! I took a look and these look great. It is really appreciated :)
  5. NickC

    Learning Spanish in BA

    Hi All, I have recently moved to Bs As from London and am keen to start improving my spanish here (completed A1). Ideally I would like an immersion course (c.20 hours a week) if possible however having looked on the schools pages here, they are all quoting relatively high prices in USD. In...
  6. NickC

    Duplex in the heart of Palermo - 22000

    Hi! I recently arrived and require an apartment. Is it possible to get more details on this? Thanks! Nick :)