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    The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?

    I got a message today from one of the vendors of the feria organica & sostenible that they will be at PARQUE RIVADAVIA, Rivadavia 4900 in Caballito on Saturday, March 23 from 9 to 17 hrs. Tallo Verde sells organic produce. Schatzi sells organic beans, grains, and seeds.
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    Questions about rental requirements for foreigners

    How did you rent an apartment in Belgrano without a guarantee? It is owned by his family? If so, stay put. It's doubtful that any owner would accept payment in advance for a year in the current economy. Basic Guide for Renters Rights...
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    Americans, Canadians, Australians and Japanese can now enter Brazil VISA Free

    But my question is, who is that interested to enter the country, with or without a visa?
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    RaDEx the online residency application platform for Argentina

    The Essential (March 14, 2019) has an article by Amy Booth (pgs 7-9) that explains the procedures of the new system and its flaws. It is essential reading for anyone beginning the residency process. She wrote about the overstay issue, another topic of interest to tourists...
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    Bolsonaro takes office :/

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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    Midday concerts are held at CCK -- schedule TBA
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    Sunday concerts at 11 hs. Tickets available at the box office the previous Friday at 9. Orchestras of Teatro Colon perform at other venues
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    The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?

    Tallo Verde delivery arrived at my door at 10am today with my order in a large box covered in plastic with printout of what I ordered. I could have paid with a debit card, but I had the cash in hand. I am well stocked now with 6 white onions, 7 purple plums, 6 lemons, 6 beetroots, 3 round...
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    The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?

    I just went to pick up my organic produce order from Que Comes Cuando Comes. This is the list of today's harvest from the farm: bunch of chard (acelga), head of lettuce, bunch of leeks (puero), butternut squash (arco), bunch of cibolette, 6 pears, 7 red apples, 5 zapallitos, a large egg plant...
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    Water safe to drink?

    This page on AySA has a document that you can download with more information about the city water which may answer your question. AySA installed a water meter for our building on Wednesday. That means we will be paying for what we use from now on, which probably means we will see an increase...
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    The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?

    The city feria organica y sostenible at the parks and plazas should have started the first weekend of March. I check the FB page daily, and still there is no announcement. I have another option in my neighborhood. Que Comes Cuando Comes (see FB page) provides organic produce that I pick up at...
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    Advantages of being citizen vs resident?

    Para solicitar la ciudadanía argentina no es necesario contar con un abogado ni gestor.
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    Did Trump save Venezuela?

    Real news from Greg Palast
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    Advantages of being citizen vs resident?

    However a lawyer is not required for either process.
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires with concerts in many venues in the city When you are registered, you'll receive email updates. Reserve free tickets online on Tuesday and Thursday at noon.