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  1. Johnny

    Good experience on Aerolineas

    I've flown Aerolineas many times and never a bad experience.
  2. Johnny


    That might be the iconic photo of Cortazar. I very much like his "cat" photos though. I believe in this famous photo Cortazar is attempting to explain Peronism to his putty cat. The cat seems a bit bemused.
  3. Johnny

    Shipping my personal laptop to Buenos Aires

    Ask your friends in Uruguay if they have some suggestions also.
  4. Johnny

    Argentine T.V. in U.S.

    You and your wife may want to take a look at this website for info regarding watching Argentine football (soccer) in the USA. The website covers football worldwide, so you will need to scroll down to games featured in Argentina. Depending on your TV/cable/dish setup in the states you may have...
  5. Johnny


    Could be my last stop ! Vamos a ver !
  6. Johnny


    Okay !!!! I didn't read Rayuela until my 50's ! I'm sure I would have appreciated it more than I did if I had read it as a whippersnapper.
  7. Johnny


    Two of the best things about returning to Buenos Aires !
  8. Johnny


    Well done !!
  9. Johnny


    A wonderful idea Rich One !!:) Something from End of the Game would be welcome. In order to safeguard your health I would not recommend reading the first few pages of 62: A Model Kit. My favorite novel of his but those first few pages are quite perilous.o_O
  10. Johnny


    I will be returning to Buenos Aires on the morning of March 25. I would like a marching band welcome and some real yummy facturas. Gracias !!
  11. Johnny

    Rosario shooting

    I've heard the same about San Jose dating back quite a few years. Pretty dodgy.
  12. Johnny

    Show us your money. Renting in BA: what's the go?

    Yes, though that site is littered with agents. Worth a try.
  13. Johnny

    Frustration over the economy

    My local buddy in BsAs says he has never seen so many folks, of all ages, sifting through the dumpsters.
  14. Johnny

    Natacha Jaitt was she silenced?

    The ghost of Nisman did her in.
  15. Johnny

    9 Countries where dollar is strong, AR is on the list

    I think Vietnam is considerably cheaper. How much I'm not sure. Beyond cost, I think Thailand has lost, and is losing, much of its charm. Should I return to SE Asia I would go to Vietnam.
  16. Johnny

    9 Countries where dollar is strong, AR is on the list

    Vietnam is a pretty attractive option if you like SE Asia. I'm currently in Thailand and considered Hanoi, but heading back to Buenos Aires for the umpteenth time. :)
  17. Johnny

    I Went To See A Band...

    Ries, have you ever made it to Virasoro Bar ? A small and intimate venue for jazz. Maybe not your thing.
  18. Johnny

    Interrogated by customs on flight out of Rosario. Why?

    All those in and out passport stamps will do it. Has happened to me multiple times.
  19. Johnny

    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    I just googled Yuki on Pasco. "Permanently closed". For my money it was the only place in BA with a decent selection of sushi. A pity.
  20. Johnny

    Local lady

    Crikey, the lady got way more than she bargained for.