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    Native English Speaking Babysitter needed

    Hi Lucila Thank u for ur interest in working with our kids. We r looking for a native english speaker at the moment but will consider u if any other needs come up. Thank u!
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    Need a Babysitter

    Hi There We have 2 boys ages 4 and 5 who moved from LA to BA last year. I would love to have a nanny that spends 4 hours with them in the late afternoon /evening just to keep their english language alive. It would be mainly to have fun activities ( park, movies, outings) with them and speaking...
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    Native English Speaking Babysitter needed

    Hello fellow BAexpats. We have recently moved to Baires and we are looking for a Nanny/ babysitter to spend time ( play, take them to the park, go to movies, etc) with our 4 and 5 years old sons about once a week so that they keep their native language alive. Native english speaker a must...
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    Family with young children moving to BA

    From friends who live in Nordelta I can say they really hate the commute. Some have gotten small flats in microcentro to stay some nights and avoid it. But you may consider other schools in the san isidro /tigre area which are highly billingual like St Andrews ( and not very religious). I...
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    American Babysitter

    Hi there, We are looking for an american born babysitter for our two sons( 4 and 5). We have moved back from LA and would like them to spend time with a native speaker. Could you send us your resume and references? Our email is Thank you!