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  1. pjohnsonbue

    English services start back up this Sunday, March 17th

    Join us for coffee at 10:30 and service at 11:00 am. All are welcome! - Paul English
  2. pjohnsonbue

    English Christmas Carol Service - Dec 23rd, 11 am

    Wanted to let folks know that we'll be having a Christmas carol service in English on Sunday the 23rd. Coffee at 10:30, service at 11 am. About 4 blocks from the Olleros stop on the D line. For more info, contact me at or search Facebook for La Misión Palermo. Paul
  3. pjohnsonbue

    English church service in Palermo

    Hi Wryter. I also enjoy the liturgical aspects of worship you mentioned, and am sometimes disappointed by the failure to understand and appreciate the church's rich tradition among evangelical churches here. (My in-laws' Anglican church in the UK has the most "catholic" service I've ever...
  4. pjohnsonbue

    English church service in Palermo

    Hey Sergio. Appreciate that you took the time to check it out. Online forums are probably the worst venue for this kind of discussion, but I would just say that fundamentalist is not a label we would espouse, given its generally anti-intellectual, anti-culture overtones. Suffice it to say that...
  5. pjohnsonbue

    English church service in Palermo

    You should be able to find that here: (To save you time, the Presbyterian church in Argentina is a historic Protestant denomination with evangelical convictions.)
  6. pjohnsonbue

    English church service in Palermo

    Hi Sergio. La Misión is a part of the Presbyterian church of Argentina. Here is the website, if you'd like to look more into the particulars:
  7. pjohnsonbue

    English church service in Palermo

    Hello! My wife Emma and I are helping to start an English/bilingual service at the church we attend in Palermo. We'll be starting this Sunday, October 21st at 11 am. Native speakers, English-learners and kids welcome! Almafuerte 1118, Palermo La Misión Church...
  8. pjohnsonbue

    Writer? Short Story Group Wanted

    Interested! Let me know...
  9. pjohnsonbue

    Church service in English

    The Well is an English-speaking church gathering in the city of Buenos Aires. We meet every other Sunday at 7:30 pm in Belgrano. For more info, see our blog at or check us out on facebook at
  10. pjohnsonbue

    Easter service in English

    EASTER MEETING: SUNDAY, APRIL 8TH @ 6:30 PM The Well is an English-speaking gathering in the city of Buenos Aires where people are invited to explore and share what it means to follow Jesus together. We meet at the Iglesia Presbiteriana San Andres at Conesa 2216 in Belgrano. It’s about six...
  11. pjohnsonbue

    Will trade Spanish conversation classes for French conversation practice

    Hi all, I'm looking to practice my French conversational ability. If anyone is a native French speaker, I'll trade Spanish conversation for French conversation practice. If you're interested, just email me at -Paul