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    What Latin American Countries have normal, working mail service?

    I am remembering why I left this forum. Not only did my question not get answered, I even got a condescending, presumptuous pm about how I need to adjust to life here. Yeah, after 16 years — thanks for the advice! I figured out the problem on my own -- turns out there are other Latin American...
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    What Latin American Countries have normal, working mail service?

    I'm confused. Flying to Miami is a lot of money. A lot more than going to another Latin American country, so I am confused by this suggestion. Also I would have to pay for hotels and all that. Thanks for the link above, but I don't understand why I would need third party service. You can't...
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    What Latin American Countries have normal, working mail service?

    Hello! I have to get a number of electronic and other items from Amazon so I was thinking to combine a trip (to a country with a working postal service) and get them delivered to wherever I go. My question is what Latin American country could I go to where I will have no problem receiving items...
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    Swedish Tourist Shot in San Telmo His Leg Amputated

    Mexico, one block away divides Monserrat from San Telmo, officially.
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    Swedish Tourist Shot in San Telmo His Leg Amputated

    What is disappointing is that the cops aren't out here talking to people to find the shooter. I live right in the neighborhood and ride my bike around all the time, know who the delinquents are (everyone does) and saw some strange things that very night. One was a young neighbor, a ni-ni I've...
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    RIP Michael S. Smith & Wife Polina

    I haven't signed in here in a long time for same reasons as many others. But I came across the information that this Michael S. Smith fellow (who asked for helped on this forum) and his wife both met an untimely end not long ago. This person was obviously struggling with a mental illness...
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    Can A Landlord Increase Rent Even Though You Have A Contract

    I hate to say the Union didn't help me much after I payed the fee, aside from calling out the administrator for claiming she couldn't understand me due to my accent. (My Spanish is very good, in fact I had a more sophisticated vocabulary than her, but she'd act like I was the dummy who couldn't...
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    Anyone Have A Computer Screen To Lend/rent Me?

    I have an old ADC 32 cm computer monitor for sale AR$100 in Monserrat
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    Dealing with noisy neighbour in an apartment block

    I did the same process. They didn't show up to the 2nd mediation either. Then they tell you your only recourse is to file a civil suit. Totally impotent system.
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    Alternatives For Paying An Argentine Designer From Canada

    Just curious, Schwab doesn't? I asked when I called them the other day b/c I'm honestly worried about one friend in particular who keeps all their money stashed in cash at home. A Spanish-speaking rep called back shortly afterward very eager to help facilitate the process. As for the OP I'd...
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    Xoom (Or Other Method) For Non Us Citizen (I.e. No Us Acc)

    I just sent a message as I host one of these free exchange platforms on my website and facilitate transactions and have direct contact with the owner if there is a problem. What you can do to get USD is send it to Uruguay and go pick it up. Saludos.
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    Consorcio in legal battle with owner of my apartment.

    Two in my building in this situation and are trying to sell. One, the folks who own the first floor storefront and owe 76k but claim the place is in such disrepair that they haven't been able to rent it. It was a happening art gallery but apparently some of the painting were destroyed b/c of...
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    Overstayed Visa--How Many Times Is This Acceptable?

    Your dedication to this value system is admirable -- I miss that 'always do the right thing' attitude, but it seems you haven't yet encountered the corruption and maladroit that can make trying to maintain that perspective here a soul-crushing experience. It will be interesting to hear your...
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    Google to the rescue:
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    Anyone Else Experience An Attempted Robbery On Christmas?

    My (Argie) friend got robbed on the next street a few days before Xmas. He was coming over from the airport and two motochorros with a gun came up on him right after exiting a cab. The day before and the day after this I was on the scene as pedestrians got hit by vehicles (two seperate...
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    I Found The Real Use For Bidets In Buenos Aires

    Also: feline water fountain.
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    Puerta Cerrada Complications?

    Thanks for all the links Ries, I guess it is evident that I haven't been back to NYC in a while. When I lived there I had a newspaper restaurant review column and during Giuliani's regime, at least, they had health inspectors all up in their grills :) so that surprises me. I was going on what a...
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    A Fond And Sad Farewell

    Sorry to hear that. Even under the best of circumstances restaurants are a notoriously tough business. I was wanting to ask if you thought Puerta Cerradas were unfair competition for legit dining establishments? And... if you can't beat them, why not join them? I'd love to be able to eat...
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    Puerta Cerrada Complications?

    Puerta Cerradas. There are a few 'ex-pat' owned ones that have come and gone. Considering the low-overhead (no rent, no taxes, can only buy seasonal foods, etc.) they are a prety good gig. Does any one know of Puerta Cerradas that have closed because the owners were nervous about AFIP or...
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    What To Wear Day To Day!!

    The fellows think it is more than acceptable to walk around like that (!), but personally I would feel very uncomfortable. There is a lot of harassment in the streets. It is usually not threatening in nature, but you will get constant commentary -- mostly from the kind of guys who drink and...