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    Argentine T.V. in U.S.

    Thanks for the info
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    Argentine T.V. in U.S.

    I know this is kind of a strange question, but we are returning to the U.S. so my daughter can finish her education there. My argentine wife is trying to find out about the possibility of watching some argentine tv up there. especially soccer . Have anybody on the forum any tips I am technology...
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    Dogs shipped to DFW from BA

    I brought 2 cats down on Aerolineas Argentina and there was a big problem as they said they needed 2 days notice. I have seen on there website they only take 4 kennels on a flight and on American Airlines 7 kennels per flight . I cant find information on the United Airlines site so I will have...
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    Dogs shipped to DFW from BA

    Did you have to notify the airline you were bringing them in advance or did you just show up with them . I am planning to take 3 cats back to the states and I have been researching different airlines and they all seem to have different rules on how many pet crates are allowed on a flight
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    My wife (Argentinian) claims you can live "well" on $1500 a month in Argentina. True?

    I don't post (mainly because my writing skills are nonexistent) but I have been reading this forum for many years. I have been living in B.A. off and on for 13 years. The reason also was my wife wanted to move back because she wanted our daughter to grow up there. The main thing I took from...
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    Is Obama the NEW Capone (Chicago gangster) of the USA?

    The Obamites are going to have there undies all twisted over that
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    Shortage of US Imported Food Products

    I have been reading the posts here for a couple of years and have lived in Buenos Aires and the outskirts of town. My wife is argentine and we have a young daughter. I have to laugh sometimes at the posts and sometimes be saddened at others. Elpanada and tatan remind me of why I left Argentina...