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    Prívate Yoga Teacher in San Isidro

    Offering Private Yoga in English to individuals, families, kids, schools and daycares. I will come to you. Please email Check out my website to learn more about me.
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    Full Time Permanent Job Opening (CABA)

    At my university I worked as an Ambassador making 30 phone calls a week, writting 50 post cards a week and gave weekly campus tours to prospective students. I think this job would be perfect!
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    Full Time Permanent Job Opening (CABA)

    I sent you a message, hopefully the position is still open! Thank you :)
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    Seeking Awesome American Long-Term Nanny

    Hello! My name is Candice and I’ll be in Buenos Aires next Monday. I have been a nanny and now I’m a kids Behavioral Therapist. I always gets compliments from parents and employers about my patience and creativity with kids. I was also a Spanish minor in college and I am an English native...
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    Job: Executive Secretary - International Christian School BAICA - San Fernando

    Hola Mark! I just sent and email to the school. I’m hoping the job is still open. If so please pass along my email and resume. I’ll be in San Fernando on Monday and Tuesday of next week and would love to meet someone about the job.