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    Why is coffee so bad in BA?

    Problem is most cafes blast rock or pop music. No peace.
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    Trump cuts aid to three Mexican countries

    Very true. Few Amerikuns distinguish between Latin American countries. They see it all as a big drug cartel. In a review of a book by Barbara Bush (her autobiography? Not sure) the story of the visit of former President Menem to the White House is mentioned. The chef had prepared a cake on...
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    Bus drivers -- complaints and recognition

    They're literally going deaf and they're deaf to common sense. WHY do they want to shout over each other in restaurants? It's not just here of course. I had dinner a few months ago in an expensive restaurant in the US. The noise from music and poor acoustics was intolerable. After awhile I...
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    Bus drivers -- complaints and recognition

    I am waiting for the day when noise pollution is viewed as smoke pollution is today. It's a violation of my rights. It's an imposition. Why why why do people need music turned up at maximum volume? It's everywhere - restaurants, cafes, tango shows, churches, everywhere....And the...
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    Bus drivers -- complaints and recognition

    People here seldom complain to those who are causing the offense. They just gripe to each other about it. Complain about music? Seems most people like loud music. The staff of cafes and restaurants are the ones who choose what music (why do we need ANY?) to play and it's almost always...
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    Is Paris burning? Horrific news from France.

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    Coffee Pods

    I have Nespresso and love it. There's a beautiful Nespresso shop on Quintama in Recoleta.
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    Is Paris burning? Horrific news from France.

    What's "mainstream Christianity"? And what would be non mainstream, Christianity? There is no doubt that Christianity is on the decline in Europe and very much on the upswing in other parts of the world, especially Africa. The growth religion in Europe is Islam. I think everyone knows that...
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    Is Paris burning? Horrific news from France.

    strange coincidence that this happens the day Holy Week starts
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    International Flights on May 1st. ?

    At what time does the strike start on the 30th? Midnight?
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    Bernie in 2020

    You forgot Amtrak and most public transport.
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    Insane Dog Barking

    Pendsador, from your photo it seems you are probably physically big so your neighbor may have worried that you'd beat him up! You're right about the noise problem. People even speak in very loud voices. I think a lot of people here like noise. They find quiet a problem. It amazes me how...
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    Are you supposed to tip in hotels?

    For one thing, it creates unreasonable expectations. People here don't usually have enough money to spend 15-20% or even more on tips as they do in the US.
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    Are you supposed to tip in hotels?

    10% is a good tip here. Argentines often give much less. Never give over 10%
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    Wills and Testaments in Argentina

    If you are married your spouse inherits the property. See a specialist in la Ley de Sucesión.
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    Wills and Testaments in Argentina

    See a lawyer who specializes in inheritance law. It's extremely strict here.
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    Chicago Elects Black Lesbian Mayor

    Could a lesbian be elected in Argentina? Is the society ready?
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    Social Security deposit to foreign bank

    Things are ambiguous here. Who can really confirm it?