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    buying bus tickets online

    Has anyone bought bus tickets (PLUSMAR) online? Can it be done? And if so, how does it work?
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    International Flights on May 1st. ?

    Good question. If there is no transport and the road to Ezeiza possibly blocked, will airlines allow passengers to change tickets w/o penalty?
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    Why is coffee so bad in BA?
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    Why does the city smell bad?

    Fortunately I'm 400 km away. The news says the city smells like a big sewer. What's happening?
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    No Fibertel internet in 3 days

    Internet went down three days ago. Others affected in building. I call Fibertel and get contradictory responses. Still no service. What can I do?
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    Credit cards: can merchants charge in USD?

    If they can charge in USD then it would state USD, right? If there is no indication of what currency I assume it has to be interpreted as pesos.
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    Credit cards: can merchants charge in USD?

    Credit card statements here don't state Argentine Pesos. Can merchants charge in USD?
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    I understood that it's a mess. They may accept you; they may not. You have to carry around a lot of cash. Something that works well in other countries is a disaster here. Not worth it. Argentina can just stay in the Stone Age.
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    Ok thanks everyone. Sounds horrible. I won't even try.
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    Probiotics: do you need a prescription?

    Do you need a prescription for probiotics?
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    The cash option doesn't exist in the US but it will appear on a US phone used here?
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    How does UBER work if you have a US cell phone and a US based Uber account? I understand that Uber drivers won't accept payments via the app, i.e. you have to pay cash. If I pay cash won't I also be charged to my Uber account for the ride ?
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    Can you help an Argentine who has questions about US taxes and how it relates to Argentina? Do you speak Spanish? And if so, how can you be contacted?
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    Bank transfer hasn't arrived after 3 weeks

    First of all, good news: the money arrived Friday after over three weeks delay. This was after repeated calls to numerous bank employees. The problem was 100% on the Argentine end. Everything that you said about bank employees in Argentina applied in this case: incompetent, arrogant and...
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    Bank transfer hasn't arrived after 3 weeks

    It's really a very serious matter. If lost the it would have a lifetime devastating effect. I was seriously wondering if anyone had practical advice.
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    Bank transfer hasn't arrived after 3 weeks

    My friend gave the bank the correct information. The bank said that someone in the bank entered the wrong information. What do you mean by "take some time" to get the money? Just what can he do? You'd think that a transfer through a major bank would be the safest way to transfer money...
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    Bank transfer hasn't arrived after 3 weeks

    An Argentine friend transferred a large sum (using a major Argentine bank and doing it en blanco) from the sale of property to a US bank account. This was three weeks ago. The money has not arrived. Seems the wrong account number was entered. After endless attempts to rectify the situation...
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    Use of US cell phone in UK (O2 Sim)

    Last year I used a US based mobile phone in the UK. I bought an 02 Sim Card and was assigned a UK phone number. my Uber account switched to that number. I seem to remember receiving a message stating that this could be done only once. I would like to know if this is true or if I can switch...
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    Hello was wondering if you're still planning on working in Argentina....Situation is...

    Hello was wondering if you're still planning on working in Argentina....Situation is increasingly volatile.
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    Maximum withdrawals from ATMs?

    Could someone tell me the maximum ATMs in Ba will let you withdraw from a US account? Thanks.