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    Family with young children moving to BA

    Yep, they lived near the Bosques and it wasn't a long commute at all, except when traffic was heavier than normal.
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    Family with young children moving to BA

    They went from Palermo and it took about 30-40 minutes depending on traffic, I'd imagine from Nordelta it would be around 45 or so.
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    Family with young children moving to BA

    The kids I nannied for who went to Lincoln were picked up and taken to school by a driver, so the commute wasn't too bad.
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    Flying With A Large Dog

    I know how stressful of a process it is! I can't remember exactly which cargo company we used but they all seem to do a pretty good job of taking care of pets between the time you drop them off and your flight. We had to drop her off like 5 hours prior and they made sure she had water and was...
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    Flying With A Large Dog

    We had a similar issue leaving Buenos Aires as we have a German Shepherd and her ears touched the top of the crate and was deemed too small by the cargo people at Ezeiza. We had to pay to have her size 500 crate lifted a few inches, they basically just added some wood attachments and screwed...
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    Cv Template For Argentina

    I sent you a PM :D
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    Looking For Argentine Bands Recommendations

    LOVE me some Viejas locas!!
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    No Problems With Immigration

    I overstayed twice (or was it 3 times?) in 2012/13, then moved back to the States and married my Argentine husband. We just got back into BsAs for a month long stay and I was a bit worried they would pick up on the fact that I used to overstay my visa (I was here for about 3 years) and question...
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    Legal Name Change In Argentina

    I got married in the U.S. and I am the ONLY woman I know who didn't/hasn't taken her husband's name. And I get asked about it ALL. THE. TIME. My grandmothers will even address envelopes to my "married" name... as if I'll someday change my mind. :huh:
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    Share Your Favorite Pictures Of Argentina

    1st: View from the roof of our first apartment here... I miss it! 2nd: My tio abuelo-in-law's Peugeot 404 in Mar del Plata- the man doesn't have a dime but he keeps that car in pristine condition!!
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    Argentine Citizen Moving To Argentina With Customs Concerns

    Thanks guys! We will check in with the Argentine consulate here in Houston to see about officially changing his residency (and replacing his DNI from when he lost his wallet :rolleyes: ).
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    Argentine Citizen Moving To Argentina With Customs Concerns

    Reviving an old thread, but I have a similar question ... my husband is Argentine, and we left Argentina a year ago and now live in the States. He has permanent residency in the U.S. How does that work with customs when we come to visit Argentina? We each have our own electronics (new-ish...
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    New One For Fake Tourists

    I'm coming back to visit but I've been in the States for a year, so I won't be able to say much for those currently permatourist-ing. Before, though, I overstayed twice and paid the fine on the way out. Curious to see if they press me about it.
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    Halloween In Buenos Aires!?

    I love Halloween and refused to let it pass by un-celebrated every year that I was in BsAs. So..... I threw a party! As stated above, there aren't a lot of options for buying decorations (you can get spider webs at cotillon stores!) so I made all of mine myself, as well as Halloween-themed...
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    Neuquen City - Opinions?

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    Are Argentines Promiscuous?

    At least among people I know around my age (I'm 25), it seems to me that our Argentine friends are LESS promiscuous than our friends in the U.S., but whether that is due to a conscious choice or their inability to "seal the deal" is a very important question...
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    Ear Piercing

    For real though, Bond Street is a good place to go for piercings. Or I can recommend a tattoo/piercing parlor in one of the galerias on Cabildo in Belgrano... I wish I could remember the name but it was very professional and clean. I believe the cross street was either Monroe or Blanco Encalada...
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    Chocolate? Bonbons?

    We always brought chocolate as gifts from these guys, there are several around BsaS:
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    Student Visa For Arg Wife

    We applied for a K-1 Fiance visa in March 2013, and were on our way to the US (together) by the end of October the same year. It was a little bit of a wait but not too bad, considering how long the other options take. If you can wait it out in Argentina just a few more months, it's definitely...
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    Strange World Cup

    I've been pleasantly surprised by the U.S. I really thought they'd have been packing their bags by now, and while the games have been interesting, all of the missed opportunities for goals is really frustrating me. Even when they've got an open shot they almost always miss!! But on the other end...